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"Sometimes great possibilities are right in front of us, and we don't see them because we choose not to" - Barry Allen

With the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the inter web has been trampled all over with anything about the Guardians. Besides adorable gifs of Baby Groot, one other popular topic has been Peter Quill. Or else 'better' known as Star-Lord.

Peter Quill's character is really an interesting one, both cinematically and comic-wise. Celebrating the retro-ist Guardian of the galaxy, here's a list of facts for the one and only .

18. He's Not Cheap

Not only because he likes to hunt down artifacts in exchange for heavy cash, but his first comic is quite the price. Published in in 1976, Marvel Preview #4 is where made his debut...and it can go up to $7,800 for a well-conditioned copy.

Marvel Preview #4 [Credits: Marvel]
Marvel Preview #4 [Credits: Marvel]

That's the cost of a graded copy. A 'fine' condition of the book can go for $117, while one in 'mint condition' goes for $3,900. Comic books at this cost are really for those who seriously want the ultimate original!

17. He Wasn't an OG (Original Guardian)

Despite being formed together in 2014, the current members of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the MCU are not the original members. The Guardians of the Galaxy were around since 1969, while this new one was formed around 2008 in the comics.

Original Guardians of the Galaxy [Credits: ComicVine]
Original Guardians of the Galaxy [Credits: ComicVine]

The original Guardians consisted of Major Vance Astro, Captain Charlie-27, Martinez T'Naga and Yondu Udonta. Major Vance Astro is an astronaut from the 20th century earth, Captain Charlie-27 is a soldier from Jupiter. Martinex T'Naga is a crystalline being from Pluto and Yondu Udonta is..well, our beloved Yondu. Turns out for the Guardians of the Galaxy, multiple origin stories is not something new.

16. He Has Multiple Origin Stories

Peter Quill is definitely an interesting character when it comes to comic books. Technically speaking, there are actually two Star-Lords: one from the 70s and one that reemerged in 2004.

Specifically, the Star-Lord from the 70s-80s has a J'son alien emperor of the Spartax race as his father. This Star-Lord's father actually kept changing: it was the Master of the Sun before the Spartax emperor. For 20 years Star-Lord seemed to disappear from the comic books, only returning in 2004 in Thanos #8. Here he had a new appearance, new attitude; and basically, new everything. Peter Quill's character isn't just interesting, it is also unusual.

15. He Had An Unusual Birth

He was born during an astronomical phenomenon on February 4th when the planets were bizarrely aligned.

Star-Lord's Birth [Credits: WhatCulture]
Star-Lord's Birth [Credits: WhatCulture]

Through this origin story, the man who thought he was his father almost killed him when he didn't see a single resemblance between the two. Somehow, this man immediately died of a heart attack before he could even touch baby Quill. He was then raised by his mother Meredith and became a hero. Of course, this origin story has been revised and redone to say that J'Son is really Peter Quill's father.

14. He's Got Special Skills

Luckily, all these confusing origin stories have benefitted Quill's skills. Due to his alien parentage, he actually has superhuman abilities. Also seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy films.

He is known to have peak human strength, the ability to withstand serious injuries, agility; which means enhanced coordination and flexibility, and the Spartoi have triple the average lifespan of a human being, so he ages slowly. He also has an advanced brain, which allows him to be a master tactician and hold the ability to pick up and learn alien languages as well as customs easily. I guess being half Spartoi pays off!

13. He Became King

One wouldn't mix Peter Quill and responsibility very easily, as the two do not always come hand in hand. Turns out this had to change completely when Quill became the king of Spartax.

King of Spartax [Credits: Starcasm]
King of Spartax [Credits: Starcasm]

This happened after the Secret Wars, in which he had to become the new king of the Spartoi people. As he left the guardians, Rocket became the new leader. But this didn't last for long as Quill failed to run the kingdom, eventually falling back with the Guardians. While he was gone, he was actually replaced by Kitty Pryde, the "understudy" Star-Lord.

12. He Was Engaged to Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde plays an important role when it comes to Peter Quill, as she is one of his lovers. Not according to the MCU, but definitely in the comics.

They first met in an X-Men/Guardians crossover during The Trial of Jean Grey. After flirting with one another and eventually setting up a holographic phone to keep in touch, Quill popped the question after The Black Vortex. But sadly, after Secret Wars, Kitty passes away and leaves Quill in a whole new world.

11. He Was Stranded in Battleworld

Battleworld is basically a patchwork planet that was created and overseen by a God-like Doctor Doom. When Peter Quill was stranded there, he hid in an alternate version of Manhattan and got a job as a lounge singer.

Swingin' Stevie Rogers [Credits:]
Swingin' Stevie Rogers [Credits:]

While there, he worked under the name "Swingin' Stevie Rogers". Interestingly, he sang Disney songs in the lounge, even singing the well known "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. And just look at that name, "Swingin' Stevie Rogers". He even looks like him!

10. He Was Briefly Replaced by "StarLord"

What's the difference? The lack of a hyphen. He was missing in 1996 for 12 years, in which he was replaced by Singing Quarrel.

The rookie space cop stumbled across Quill's previous spaceship, and heard that the evil Daymish had apparently killed Peter Quill (he didn't). Turns out Daymish stole part of the ship, in which Quarrel decided to use the ship and some of Star-Lord's equipment to hunt him down. He then took on the Star-Lord mantle, and helped the ship search for her previous owner. Based off the comic cover above, Quarrel's suit looks pretty different from Quill's.

9. He Had a Very Different Costume

The original Star-Lord's costume is extremely different compared to the one seen within the MCU. Chris Pratt's Star-Lord has more of a retro-vintage type look going on. The original Star-Lord's costume was the classic superhero suit.

Star-Lord [Credits: ComicVine]
Star-Lord [Credits: ComicVine]

As seen above, it was the classic skintight, wedgie-giving costume. A black tight-fitting bodysuit with a helmet that resembles Watchmen's "Nite Owl". Very different then the scarlett red coat and retro-styled costume we see on Chris Pratt. Talk about an upgrade!

8. He Had Cybernetic Implants

Star-Lord is well known to have a multitude of cool gadgets. Not seen in the film, Quill once had to get cybernetic implants after his battle with the Fallen One.

Star-Lord's Implants [Credits: Comic Book Resources]
Star-Lord's Implants [Credits: Comic Book Resources]

After the battle, his Element Gun and 'Ship' was destroyed. Due to suffering several injuries (though he has advanced abilities, these were far from easily healed), he was given cybernetic implants by doctors in the Klyn prison. These were an eye implant that let him see all energy specters and a memory chip that gave him 100% total recall. He certainly has the latest tech!

7. His Gun is More Than it Seems

In the films, Star-Lord mainly uses guns as his main weapon. But what has not been truly revealed is the awesomeness of his Element Gun.

Element Gun [Credits: The Mary Sue]
Element Gun [Credits: The Mary Sue]

The Element Gun is actually DNA encoded, only working under his command. And it has the ability to shoot out each of the four elements. The film currently doesn't show this gun, but it already has some of his cool gear. Like his ship!

6. Star-Lord's Ship Was Actually a Star

The ship seen in the film for the Guardians is called "The Milano" after director James Gunn's childhood crush on actress Alyssa Milano. But the original Ship from the comic books is quiet different. Here's Chris Pratt giving a tour of The Milano from the MCU:

In the comics, the ship was originally a sentient star who was called Aurora. She blew up when a race of aggressive beings attacked her, which caused her to scatter her parts everywhere. But the Master of the Sun gathered her parts back together and crafted her into a ship when Star-Lord asked for his help. Quill seems to know the right people when he wants something.

5. He Actually Helped the Kree

Yes, that Kree. Turns out Quill and Ronan were once on the same side, and maybe even had a proper dance battle.

Star-Lord was actually an important ally to the Kree, even becoming the personal military advisor to himself. Throughout the comic books, it seems that Quill had quite a few roles with different alien races.

4. He Was a Member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard

Not only was Peter Quill a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but he was also a member of another galactic-saving team.

Shi'ar Imperial Guard [Credits: ComicVine]
Shi'ar Imperial Guard [Credits: ComicVine]

The Shi'ar Imperial Guard is basically an elite group of alien warriors who protect the the Shi'ar Empire, also known as the Aerie. Quill was a part of this team on one occasion. This was after teaming up with Thanos, Gladiator, and Ch'ak against the all-powerful maker. He was then drafted into the team by Gladiator against his will, and joined them on a couple missions. Talk about rough relationships.

3. Kurt Russell Was Chris Pratt's Idea

As it was revealed that would be Quill's father in the film's storyline, Pratt pitched in an idea to have Kurt Russell portray his father. Here's an interview of Kurt Russell for his role as Ego:

Pratt was definitely an 80s child, which is when and were genre-defining action stars who ruled the silver screen. Director James Gunn liked the idea, even adding:

"Hey, if you have to cast anything Kurt's a pretty good way to go"

The film certainly has a well put cast!

2. Chris Pratt Was Not Always Going to Be Star-Lord

Before choosing Chris Pratt to play the iconic role, there were a number of other actors that director James Gunn went through before settling with him.

Glenn Howerton from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was actually the closest to land the role as Star-Lord. Though he auditioned late, he was very close to getting the call for the lead role. Jim Sturgess and Zachary Levi were also two actors who were close to landing this role. Other options included Eddie Redmayne, James Marsden, Garrett Hedlund, Lee Pace (who is Ronan the Accuser) and more. Lucky for us, we got Chris Pratt!

1. Director James Gunn Was Unsure About Pratt

Gunn actually got to the point where he screen tested all the possible actors who could portray Star-Lord and couldn't settle for a single one. When Chris Pratt was mentioned as an option, Gunn only recognized him as "the chubby guy from ." Gunn is quoted saying:

“I didn’t want to see him audition. We went through a lot of people, and we saw a lot of really good actors. I was looking for somebody who inhabited the role, but really went beyond it, like Robert Downey Jr. for Iron Man. … I kept saying, ‘No, no, no.’”

This particular scene in the film is quite different, but here is the screen test for Chris Pratt and :

Thankfully, casting director Sarah Finn invited Pratt in to audition anyway. After 20 seconds, Gunn realized that this was his Star-Lord.

Personally, I don't see anyone else being Star-Lord besides . It just wouldn't be the same. The would surely be different, and we wouldn't be "hooked on (that) feeling."

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is now in theaters. Go check it out!

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