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In less than a month, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as president of the United States. Yes, in less than a month, the job of Commander-in-Chief will be left to this a**hole.

Starting January 20th, 2017, Americans can no longer take pride in the American name. Saying "I'm an American" is the equivalent of saying "I'm from the country that elected a piss-haired, smug, inexperienced con artist as president."

We have to tell every Foreign we meet that we're Canadian now. Because can you imagine being from a country where this is the leader?

Aw f**k me man no way
Aw f**k me man no way

It is scary living in a country where someone like this is in the country. And what's even scarier is the fact that 62 million people voted for him. So, I decided that it was time for a part two of my Trump Supporters on Twitter series in order to address more arguments and some plain stupid tweets they're tweeting.

Here we go!

Tiny fingers...
Tiny fingers...

So, let's look at this Tweet:


In case you don't know, deplorable means "deserving strong condemnation" or "shockingly bad in quality". So, deplorable people, which is who she was talking about, would be people like anti-gays, anti-Muslims, bigots, anti-Mexicans, Klan members, and all around d**ks.

And she thinks they're winners?! What. The. F**k.

Look up "Trump supporters" on Google Images. Pretty much everyone is white.
Look up "Trump supporters" on Google Images. Pretty much everyone is white.

She thinks those kinds of people are winners. Really?! Then, she might not know what "deplorable" means in that context, so when I asked her, she responded:

Holy S**t, She Knows!

So, if she knows what it means and she knows what kind of people are deplorable, then why would she even ask me why I had a problem with it.

So, that was my response. And you would think that if America was filled with hard-working, educated, non-discriminatory people, she wouldn't actually feel the way I said in that Tweet. But look at her response:

So, it looks like she DOES think that people like the Klan members are okay! What the f-- alright, stop. Deplorable people deserve to be in PRISON CELLS. The a**holes committing hate crimes. PRISON CELLS. But LellyGal is watching the s*** go down, all like?


I watched the movie, Selma, today and it was a very good movie, but the acts of violence and the language used in the movie that took place barely more than 50 years ago frightens me to death. And given the fact that the bulls**t is happening NOW, I cannot believe that any b***h would actually think they're winners.

And then some deplorable Trump supporter came up and was all like:

Okay, first off, I am not a damn snowflake. Snowflakes are weak and gentle.

And I'm a MAN. Alright?

Okay, well, maybe, not that much.

This image was called "large.jpg" when I downloaded it. I'm not even kidding
This image was called "large.jpg" when I downloaded it. I'm not even kidding


I'm just kidding though. To say that I'm weak for arguing with a Trump supporter is not valid. Take what George Takei said:

And the attacks calling me a "typical Liberal crybaby" continued:

This was all some f**king stupid bulls**t being spread by the (word I don't want to say because it's rude) on Twitter lying back in their MAGA caps screaming at the Hispanics in Starbucks.

Let's look at this:

That was not a good argument, because first off, as an American citizen, I have my Constitutional right to protest, whether or not I can change the result or not. Secondly, when Republican Mitt Romney lost to Obama in 2012, just look at what Trump was Tweeting:

Hey, look! He spelled it correctly that time!

But what has Trump been saying now?

So, what have we learned? We learned that not only is Trump a major hypocrite, but so are his supporters. I mean, you remember how Trump wasn't that up to accepting the results of the election if he lost and how his supporters said they would flip their s**t if Hillary won?

Well, Trump won and now Trump and his f**king supporters are now criticizing US for standing united as a nation against one of the biggest national modern-day embarrassments we have ever had?

And now let's analyze the two other Tweets:

Okay, so first off, like Trump, they don't look like they know how to f**king spell because it's "night" and not "nite" and "Play-Doh" and not "play dough".

It's "you're".

But anyways, I get the point. They're trying to call me a baby and s**t. But keep in mind that they are supporting Donald Trump. Trump has literally gone f**king mental probably because he was in a bad mood when he couldn't get the vibrator out of his ass so he started Tweeting about SNL.

As I've said before, if Donald Trump hates the show this much that he's Tweeting about it until he get so mad that he s**ts out the vibrator, then why does he continue to watch it day in and day out as if his life depends on it?

Think about this: Saturday Night Live has impersonated and made some criticisms against so many politicians: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and the list goes on.


But out of all the politicians and more to have been impersonated on their show, do you know the only one who has cared to voice their displeasure? Exactly. Our president-elect. Donald f**king Drumpf.

I mean, if I was ever famous and they decided to impersonate me, I would just laugh it off and have dinner with the impersonator. Because I know how to laugh things off. Trump rage-Tweets.

All of this writing is getting me bored. I need some entertainment. Well, I live in New York, so I might as well get some tickets to see Hamilton.

Yeah, okay. So, Trump flipped out because the cast and crew of Hamilton told Mike Pence, who was attending the show, that he should protect every citizen of this country. And what's wrong with that? Well, Trump wasn't happy about it and he took it to Twitter to complain.

Well, that very good man that the theater was "very rude" to wants conversion therapy for gay teens. Not a very good man, if you ask me, if he considers heterosexuals better than gay people.

And what did Trump say about flag-burners?

Now, look. I would never in a million years burn an American flag. The flag represents hope and peace and it unites us all. But you know what else unites us? The Constitution. And the freedom of speech law pretty much gives us the right to burn a flag.

I don't agree with flag-burning. I agree with freedom of speech, which Trump wants to take away because flag-burners hurt his feelings.

So, what were those Trump supporters saying about me earlier?

When I "cry", I cry because I feel afraid for African-Americans, Mexicans, Muslims, and other minorities and how they could be targeted negatively by racist s**ts like LellyGal. I don't want them to be discriminated against. That is something that is reasonable to cry about.

Meanwhile, our president-elect, instead of planning s**t out for this country, is Tweeting because his feelings are hurt by a comedy show.

Now, let's take a look at another Tweet:

And some guy, with the very professional name "Harry Balls" Tweets at me.

Okay, so I get the feeling that he thought I was trying to make a joke because of my Twitter profile:

So, he had the magic reference in there and criticized my comedy. Now, I wasn't even trying to make a joke in that Tweet. When I try to be funny, it's obvious (look in this article for proof). So, this dumbass actually thought I was joking.

And when I told him, I wasn't trying to make a joke, he goes:

What is he even talking about? I criticized the intelligence of some Republicans and he decides to give me some baseless insults? I have never made my magic public and I don't usually joke on Twitter. He's not even countering my insults.

Okay, first off, it's "you're". Secondly, I'm not a f**king fast food worker. And I decided to find a way to criticize this guy's job too. But he made that virtually impossible.

So, he's an old Coast Guard veteran and a current businessman. That's in a way higher league than me (magician/comedian/writer), right? So, I went with something else.

Okay, so I don't know why everyone thinks I'm a snowflake and uses snowflake as an insult. But he says that I haven't hit it big time, which is true. But give me a f**king break. I'm a student.

And also, he says he's a former Coast Guard vet and a businessman, but what the f**k is he doing now? He's on Twitter attacking innocent magicians? What kind of former Coast Guard vet would now devote all his time and energy into harassing a magician?

You were working all day training in some crazy conditions and now this is what you're doing? Now, I'm not exactly calling bulls**t on this guy's job. If he's legit, then I thank him for his service. It just seems like a man like this would be more mature than criticize a not-comedy Tweet. And I'd figure he'd be mature enough to not call himself Harry Balls.

Because let's be honest: there is very little chance the anyone could be unfortunate enough to be named Harry Balls. His parents must hate him if they're going to do that to him.

So, those were just a few more stupid Trump supporters that I debated with recently on Twitter.

And that's it!


Is LellyGal deplorable?

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