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That baby in the front row is looking at him like "Oh f**k, it's him. Mommy, you're a monster for bringing me near him." That is pretty much child abuse right there.

As you might know, I'm on Twitter and once in a while, I do this series called "Trump Supporters on Twitter" where I show my arguments that I've had with Trump supporters and other dumb people that I find online. Because some Trump supporters are really dumb.

Here we go!

This is one of my Tweets on my Donald Drumpf parody account.

And let's look at three of the very fleshed out and clever responses that I got in response.

Wow. How rude. I'm crying right now because of how hurt my feelings are. Really getting into that emotional level, aren't you? Not gonna call me a f**king snowflake this time?

Calling me an "idiot" and a "dimwit" is not going to do anything. I mean, you did not counter any of the points I made calling Trump a rapist, con artist, and war crime advocate.

All white folks as far as the eye can see
All white folks as far as the eye can see

So, I decided to advance the argument.

And she responded:

Okay! Sure. Where do I start? Well, there is audio evidence of Trump saying that he sexually assaults women and that he can do it because he's a star.

So, that was pretty solid evidence. And for the "scamming innocent families out of money", we had his casino bankruptcies and more notably, Trump University.

In this school, it was pretty much bulls**t class after bulls**t class, and even more so than regular universities. I went further into depth in this in my first "Trump Supporters on Twitter" but let me summarize it: Trump defraud over 5,000 students and they all paid $35,000 tuitions. That creates about $175 million that he got from scamming families.

He settled his lawsuit for $25 million and that still leaves him with $150 million left over which he got by lifting thousands of dollars from thousands of families.

He also wants to commit a war crime (killing the families of our enemies), which is wrong. Because if your brother or someone killed some guy and you couldn't do anything about it because he was too powerful, should you get your ass killed because of his crimes? No. You f**king shouldn't.

She responded:

Then, I responded that my facts were true.

And then, for some reason, she decides to defend his sexual assault comments.

Wait a minute. Listen to that tape and I'll show you some fun quotes from our future president.

"...I moved on her actually...I moved on her and I failed. I'll admit it."

"I did try and f**k her. She was married."

"And I moved on her very heavily..."

"I moved on her like a b***h, but I couldn't get there, and she was married."

"Just kiss. I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything."

"Grab them by the p***y. You can do anything."

Saying "I moved on her like a b***h" is clearly admitting to sexual assault. WHy do his idiot supporters support this rapist? So, I told her and she went:

HOW COULD YOU HEAR THE WORDS "I moved on her like a b***h" AND THINK THAT WASN'T THE INTENT?! That's like hearing someone go "I stabbed him in the chest, beat his head with a club, and shot him in the chest fourteen times. But my intent wasn't to kill him!"

NO. Alright? It was clearly the f**king intent. And none of that could have been taken out of context. So, when I told her that, she responded:

And since she had asked me for proof and I had given it to her, I figured that I should ask for proof for her claim.

And what was her response? NOTHING. She didn't respond after I asked her for proof of her claim. I'm not even lying. You can click on my Tweet for proof and see the whole conversation. It all ended when I asked for proof.

Now, what was she saying earlier?

If she was so willing to yell out fake news to the point where she has it in her Twitter name, then why can't she back up her bulls**t claim with an article from a very reliable source?

Why not? Because it was bulls**t. Let's say that guy from earlier is convicted of murder and his lawyer goes "No, I think we can set aside the tape of him killing the victim. I think what happened was a man with his exact same height and weight who looks like him from behind did it and then he handed the club to the defendant and ran off?" What happens?

"We find the defendant not guilty on that claim with no evidence".


Now, what about that other one?

Well, the entire conversation was boring and he/she didn't really say anything countering me. It honestly sounded like it was a nine year old supporting Trump because his/her parents forced them.

It is so easy to laugh at Trump supporters. All they think we do is cry about the election (which Trump basically said he'd do if he lost), but what we're really doing is laughing at their stupidity.

But one of the worst people is this user named @actualDJTrump. Their name is Russian Hackers, and right when you see their bio, you'll see that this person is full of s**t to at least some extent.

Well, first of all, why do they follow me? I don't like Trump, so why are they following me? Also, the first two sentences are completely wrong and confusing because given the fact that he is tweeting anti-Hillary and pro-Trump stuff, why is he saying Trump's voters are uneducated.

IAnd also, "Follow me - don't offend me" sounds exactly like something Trump would say. But look at his profile picture:I

I.....that's pretty obviously Photoshopped. I don't know why he would. I mean, maybe it's a guy who's lonely and Photoshops himself next to women. Or maybe that's the head of a celebrity. I don't know.

So, I Tweeted this:

Because he could be hiding f**king anything in his tax returns and the fact that Trump is so insistent that he won't release them when every presidential candidate since 1976 has is kind of suspicious.

And he responded saying it had nothing to do with policies. Someone else responded and they went back and forth until we got to this Tweet.

Okay, so the first one is a meme that says "Votes for a war based on fake news that kills hundreds of thousands. Complains about fake news putting lives at risk." So, this is referring to Hillary voting for the Iraq War, which was the wrong decision.

But here's the thing: Donald Trump also supported the Iraq War. He always says he didn't, but there is audio evidence of Trump telling Howard Stern that he was for going to Iraq, and this can be verified with a simple Google search.

And he then said that Trump didn't affect the vote because he wasn't part of the House of Representatives. But here's my argument: Hillary only counted for one vote. She cast one vote and therefore, even if she had voted against it, it wouldn't have made a difference because the war would have still happened.

Voting for this war was a question of judgement. Hillary and Trump both proved their bad judgement by supporting the war. But you know who was against it?

Exactly. But he lost. Why? Either because the DNC rigged the primaries or because too many people thought v*ginas deserve the higher power. I have nothing against women, but I hope no one voted for Hillary because she's a woman and without looking at the candidates' past, character, and policies.

And this guy also responded to the other person, and with a bunch of weird-ass arguments.

I'm lost in whatever he was trying to say and I think the other guy was too.

And more recently, he responded to a Tweet involving Trump hiring Monica Crowley as his his national security advisor.

He responded:

Wait--what?! How do you see a tweet where I'm saying Monica Crowley shouldn't be in his cabinet and think I'm saying ALL women shouldn't be in his cabinet. That's so stupid. So, I told him.

And he responds:


There is also this Tweet:

So, the Russian Hackers guy comes with his smart-ass response.

Okay. Trump is leaving all of his people in the rain while he keeps a giant umbrella for himself. Wow, what a role model for everyone in this country! I responded with a very similar sentence and he responded:

*reminder to put in overused facepalm picture here*

Okay, so first of all, that's not even close to the point. My point was Trump was only caring for himself and making sure whatever was raining on him wasn't gonna get on him while leaving everyone else in the bad weather. Imbecile. Whether it was raining or snowing is not at all relevant. Then he responded:


Okay, now someone please try and tell me what this next one means:

"He can't look weak carrying his own umbrella"? If anything, that makes him look weak and if he walked in the rain and gave the umbrella to someone else because he valued them over himself, then that does not seem weak. That's actually why I have respect for Obama.

So, this is an idiot right here.

And the craziest thing happened on my parody account. So, at the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep criticized Trump during her speech:

And when I found out about what she said, I had a feeling that Donald Trump would get pissed off about this and get behind his Twitter account, get his milk bottle, cry, and send out angry Tweets. So, I Tweeted this.

Note that I call her overrated and that it was tweeted on January 8 at 11:50 PM. Then, a few hours later, the real Donald Trump goes on Twitter, just as I expected, and tweets this:

Just as I expected, Trump called her overrated, lashed out on his Twitter account, and complained about the Golden Globes. I have his character down pretty well, admit it. And he tweeted that at 6:27 AM on January 9. So, I actually had it correct.

HA!! SCORE! Okay byyyeeeee.

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