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It happened.

Today, Donald J. Trump was sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States. I cannot believe we got here. And my reaction, like many, was this.

Even Voldy is scared
Even Voldy is scared

And in all seriousness, I do want Mr. Trump to be a good president. I don't think it will happen, but since his presidency is a reality, I feel that I should look into every single one of his policies and plans as president, analyze their plausibility, and inform you about the effects.

Repeal the Affordable Care Act

Trump has said that he will repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. This could have a major effect on the people of this nation. There are many who owe their lives to Obamacare and wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for the Affordable Care Act. For example, read this.

Over 20 million people use Obamacare and therefore, if it is repealed, then all of those millions of people will lose their health insurance. And according to Senator Bernie Sanders, this will happen as a result.

And you can say that the Republicans will replace it with something else.

However, their possible replacement is either nonexistent, will take an extended amount of time, or will have large costs. This may not be a complete bad thing, though. But if they do, they should have a replacement that is both cheaper, more efficient, and can benefit more people.

Build a wall along the Southern border

This wall is so easy to criticize.

First off, this border wall has been said to cost $25 billion, with money that Trump claims we can get from our trade deficit with Mexico. Now, tell me, Don. How has that been?

This trade deficit is about $50-60 billion, which is larger than the wall cost. However, there is no evidence that Mexico can pay for the wall with the trade deficit. According to Mark Perry, a University of Michigan professor, the deficit is based on various investments by private individuals and companies, not by the government.

When they take trade money from us, it doesn't just go in some gigantic room with the sign "The Money That We Have Because Americans Are Dumb".

Some of Trump's supporters actually sound frightening when talking about this. Washington post writer Marc A. Thiessen said in this article:

"Here is why he should: It would force Mexico to give us every penny we need to pay for the wall, and then some."

"And here is the really brilliant part: There is nothing Mexico could do about it."

"Donald Trump can indeed make Mexico pay for the BLEEP-ing wall. And Mexico would be powerless to stop him. Mr. President-elect, what’s not to love?"


Some, like that Russian Hackers guy from my "Trump Supporters on Twitter" series say that Congress will pay for the wall and Mexico will reimburse. Why would Mexico reimburse? They wouldn't, so that won't happen.

I honestly hope that the taxes paid for by immigrants and other hard-working, civil Americans do not go to pay a border wall that would actually be ineffective.

Because here's the thing: there's something called building a really tall ladder, climbing over the wall, and using a rope to get down. Also, not all illegal immigrants are from Mexico and nearly half of all undocumented immigrants entered this country with a Visa that they overstayed, which a wall cannot stop.

On another note, Trump is a racist.

People say that illegal immigrants are not a race and he is therefore not racist. But he only wants to separate us from the Mexican illegal immigrants. And you'll notice that Trump has not hired any Hispanic or Latino people for his cabinet.

Deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants

Nope. No way.

If you Google "how much would it cost to deport illegal immigrants", you will see the studies that have been conducted to see how much this plan would cost even more than the wall and they are pretty much unanimous when they say that it would cost hundreds of billions of dollars.

We can't get that money from any trade deficit and we can't get other countries to pay for it because that would pretty much mean we're holding their people hostage and that's the ransom money.

Hopefully, this doesn't mean the taxpayers would pay for it. Because envision that--we would be a country that works hard to make money and uses the money to send people working here, who have lived here for their entire lives, and are dedicated to raising a family, to another country.

You can say that illegal immigrants commit crimes in our country and they shouldn't do that. Okay. But Americans commit crimes too.

Quite frankly, illegal immigrants do not account for many of the crimes committed here and the amount of undocumented people that don't commit crimes outnumber the amount that do by a lot.

Temporarily ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

Trump has proposed this plan to fight radical Islamic terrorists. However, this would be both discriminatory and ineffective. Because if he has bought up so much attention to illegal immigration from Mexico, can't the radical Islamists immigrate here illegally? I don't think they care that much about breaking the law.

Also, if we ban 1.6 billion people from this country because a small percentage of them are radical terrorists, then that is not politically correct and this united country should be very politically correct.

"Okay, I just got a job I have no idea how to do. Just remain calm...act normal..."
"Okay, I just got a job I have no idea how to do. Just remain calm...act normal..."

Most Muslims wish no harm on anyone and are kind, caring people. But because a small group of them are doing horrible s**t, then why should we ban all of them? Even it is temporary, they are losing their right to be here. And also, some white people are criminals. Why can't we just ban white people then?

Trump is not banning the KKK, either. The KKK does some horrible s**t and are the terrorists that live within us. Deport them, not undocumented immigrants.

The KKK endorsed Trump, and according to some reports (may be true or not), Trump's dad was arrested in 1927 for fighting the police. The police were trying to stop a KKK rally. Google this if you want. See for yourself if you believe it or not.

Okay. Before the Trump supporters go bat-s**t on me calling this "fake news" and "dishonest media" (which are the only words Trump knows), he said it here on video.

Muslims should not be banned from this country. They cannot be. It is unconstitutional and wrong for something like this to happen. And the fact that 62 million people voted for him is shocking. I thought we were above this.

Climate change is a hoax

I'm writing this over the span of a few days, and I'm writing this on January 20, 2017. Trump has made over the White House website to the point I've seen his name on it four times so far and I'm only on the main page so far. But he has removed all mentions of climate change and has said that it was a hoax created by Chi-ee-na.

For the third year in a row in 2016, Earth set a temperature record and much more evidence for climate change can be found here.

I supported Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign.

And one of his big issues is climate change and the dangers it has on society. If we turn our backs on an issue of this importance, we will end up in big trouble, as it is caused by human activity and fossil fuels.

On another topic, Trump is extremely unattractive.

I mean, British politician Ed Miliband had his political campaign ended because this picture showed up of him eating a sandwich.

And because he looked kind of dumb eating a sandwich, he lost the election. You can read more here, but how did they think that because he doesn't look attractive while eating a sandwich, he is unqualified to hold any position of power?

Eating a sandwich does not equal bad politician. And if we had that logic in America where we pick our leaders based on pictures of our candidates, this election would be over in an instant.

Now, which two look like complete f**king idiots and which one looks like a hero that will fight for our American values? Exactly. The only bad pictures I could find of Bernie were ones where his hair was untidy. And that's it. The others were pretty easy. Especially Trump.

Trump is now the 45th president of the United States. I'm not feeling that good today, but I will come around to it. I will come around to the fact that a reality show host is now my Commander-in-Chief.

Recently, I released an article entitled "STOP Hating on Grace Vanderwaal!" and I included some jokes about this video of Chris Crocker crying over Britney Spears.

Well, just a few days later, Chris Crocker resurfaced to make this video, which was a parody of the old video, but instead has him sarcastically imitating Trump supporters.

Republican representatives can be ridiculous. For example, Randy Weber has said this:

Wait, so first of all, that violates freedom of speech, and second of all, shouldn't Trump be fired from presidency for being disrespectful to disabled people, women, Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants, Meryl Streep, Alicia Machado, and so many more?

According to this, Trump plans on cutting funding to protect women from domestic violence (tweet in article). He has hired no Hispanics for his cabinet, he might ban reporters from the White House (there goes freedom of press) and he uses fake papers to make it look like he's working.

And according to this, new Republican rules ban ethics panel from reporting crimes. The Editor in Chief of the Wall Street Journal said that even when Trump lies, which is basically every second of every day, they won't call them lies.

Many Trump supporters tell us that since he's our president, we should get over it and respect him. But why don't we take a look at the amount of respect they gave Obama.

The amount of disrespect given to Obama is mind-blowing. So, saying that we shouldn't criticize Trump is kind of hypocritical given that they were doing everything they could to undermine this guy.

You see how dangerous it will be if we let him and the top 1% get tax cuts?
You see how dangerous it will be if we let him and the top 1% get tax cuts?

And if you read this, you'll see that his team might cut social security and medicare, which is something that Sanders has wanted to keep and Trump has said he would leave it as it is.

His campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, is a f**king disgrace. She just stutters, mutters and bulls**ts her way through every single question she gets asked. Watch this video below and see how stupid she sounds.

She says that we should listen to what is in Trump's heart and not what comes out of his mouth. This is so much bulls**t because we can't hear what Trump says in his heart and it is expected that humans are supposed to mean the things that they say. We can't know what happens in his heart and we can only find out if he voices it.

This isn't related, but I had to tell people about how f**king dumb she is.
This isn't related, but I had to tell people about how f**king dumb she is.

But what about the future of America?

We need to stay here and fight for the values we believe in. And here's how I want you to do it. Please donate to charitable causes that aren't the Trump Foundation. Instead, if you care about women being able to choose and their healthy and safety, then donate to Planned Parenthood.

If you care about the safety of this planet and don't want it jeopardized by the ignorance of Republicans, donate to the Environmental Defense Fund. Other organizations you can help out are ones that can help Syrian refugees not be targeted and organizations such as Our Revolution, created by Bernie Sanders.

Right now, I attend a weekly group for writers and last week, we had to look at a picture and write down our thoughts on it. The picture was of a house that is sinking into a river. There is a human in the house and a dog is watching. I ended up making it a two-page political analysis and here are some excerpts of what I was writing:

"The house is sinking, and so is this country. Our safety is being ripped apart, piece by piece, by the Republican party, who not only deny the existence of climate change, but want to repeal Obamacare when millions of Americans have it."

"The dog symbolizes all of he people on this planet being victimized by Donald Trump. The dog represents the millions of Obamacare users, who will watch helplessly as their healthcare is ripped away from them by the Republican legislators."

"There is a person in the house. If the house sinks entirely, that person may likely die. But there is a chance of survival. There is a chance that he may find a way to break free and maybe even save the house from destruction. This represents the hopeful Americans. The Americans that will...stay here, fighting for the values that they believe in."

"In this generation, we need to set an example for the next one. We need to set the example that we are a united nation and we will only remain united if we do not let the wrong people of this country divide us."

"The Americans of this country...can remain in the house, unaware of what they are into until they have completely sunk. They can be the dog, watching, and unable to do anything to fix this. Or they can escape the house, and do whatever it takes to stop the house from being sunken. Because this nation is only united if we, as a nation, unite ourselves."

"Fixing this nation will only happen if as many people as possible speak and act for what is morally right. Everyone in this country deserves to be heard. And if we remain true to who we are, we will be.

I didn't expect that you read all of that, but I never use any complicated or sophisticated language when I write. I can, but I feel that the message I give is more important than how intelligent I sound.

But I think that pretty much sums up my opinion about this election.

How can we be a united nation? By uniting. By being a nation that prides itself on diversity, political correctness, and doing what is morally right. I believe that this country works off of what is right and ensuring that we have the ability to speak out against the wrongdoings that are being done.

This nation is far from perfect and as we set the example for the next generation, we want to be as united as we can be. So, Mr. Trump. I wish you good luck in your presidency and I hope that you will serve this nation with perseverance and that you will do what is morally right for this country and that you will care for all of us.

I titled this "Looking Ahead: A Future to Believe In". Part of the title is Bernie Sanders's campaign slogan, but there is much more than that. I want to look at this country and be proud, and we can't do that unless we have a bright future.

The fight for America is far from over. We have work to do.

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