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It started with one Tweet.

One tweet. And it ruined my life. It was a dark, stormy night on the night of January 13th. While scrolling through Twitter, I find this Tweet:

Now, first off, the hashtag she puts into the tweet has nothing to do with the tweet, which is clearly a tactic just to get more RTs and likes. And I counter this tweet. I tweeted once. That was it.

And this one tweet led to hours of tweeting back to Trump supporters explaining what the f**k was wrong with their logic. It went on for minutes, hours, DAYS. I was a broken man when everything cleared up. So, I'll be giving you a few highlights of some of the many arguments I was in the middle of.

Dabney responded:

Wow. What a nice job countering my very fair argument. Then when I told her that, she responded:

I get that giving Trump a chance sounds like a good idea, but given the things that he has suggested, it can have horrible consequences.

This is another way of saying my point, but 140 characters wasn't enough to say it.

She had two responses. This was one:

Wait, the media said it? You mean, the media took exactly what he said on tape and put it on television? Because listen to the tape.

Her second response:

What the--she's making it sound like I went to a boot camp where they were like "Drop down and give me 20 insulting words for politicians!" No. I have not been trained to use those terms. They are the truth. Trump was sued for housing discrimination, he wants to ban Muslims, he clearly objectifies women, he wants to build a wall separating us from Mexico, and he is a bigot.

At one point, she Tweeted this:

Okay, wait. We're misinformed?

If you want misinformed and just some insane beliefs, just take a look at this statistic:

These people think the Bowling Green Massacre is actually a real thing, which isn't real. It never happened. And they are only caring about radical Islamic terrorism, but white supremacists (like the KKK) are terrorists too and they live within us.

Let me put it this way: with his Muslim ban, ISIS has won. Their goal is to scare the s**t out of the world and we are pretty much just waving around a damn flag with the words "YOU TERRORIZE US AND YOU'RE GREAT AT YOUR JOBS".

This is one of my Tweets and the Trump supporters basically responded like this:

So, let me get this straight: the people who proudly think "snowflake" and "libtard" sound extremely intelligent and are very vitriolic insults think that my words are worthy of a five year old. "Snowflake" and "libtard" are way more laughable than "hate his guts".

And this was the conversation that followed:

Wait a minute. Why is this Trump supporter calling me a petulant child if they're supporting the most petulant child we have ever called our president?

You're president now. The amount of people that like you is not important, especially if you don't seem like the kind of person who wants people to like him.

Bernie was using "fake news" to mock the term and how nonchalantly you use it.

That sounds like a petulant child right there. I mean, these were my Tweets mocking him.

There are way more that I could talk about, but I'll just continue.

I got into an argument with another Trump supporter over this Tweet.

And she responded:

So, it was a punctuation mistake, but how about this? It's "the quote you just tweeted", there's no space behind the question mark, and "mark" is supposed to be capitalized.

This is a reference to Trump misspelling the word "unprecedented" on Twitter.

She responded:

WAIT A MINUTE--you have spelled the word "unprecedented" as "unpresidented" and you think me making a punctuation mistake is laughable? My punctuation mistake doesn't have a f**king blatant red line popping up under it.

And also, someone tell me what the f**k Whorton is. I had to cut out a lot of the conversations because of how long they were. If you give a s**t, go to the "Tweets and replies" section of my timeline and read my tweets on January 13th and 14th.

Click on that Donald Drumpf tweet for a particularly interesting conversation about John Lewis.

I actually had another very lengthy conversation with a person on racism on Martin Luther King Jr and racism. But I went back to his account to put the conversation in this article and this is what I found.

Now, from what I know, Twitter suspends accounts promoting hate speech and this guy (@VoatKek or something like that) was kind of f**king dumb.

From my memory, the conversation started off with him saying King was a molester who had orgies with children, but didn't seem that up to providing evidence of this when I asked him for it.

Then, he asked me something involving "do you suck the cum off your d**k" or some f**king stupid s**t like that. I said something along the lines of "No, you a**hole" and then I asked if he thought white people deserved more rights than black people.

He was willing to do anything to not answer that question. This is what it took for him to answer.

Wait, why is he so adamant about not answering this question? The question I asked would have warranted either typing two or three keys and he knows that the response I wanted only warranted two keys. "No". Why is he dragging this out for three hours?

And then, he said black people deserve more rights than white people after all the years of slavery and Jim crow. Well first off, why didn't he just say that three hours before and also, I'm calling bulls**t. He literally could have written "No" three hours before.

When I told him races are equal, and black people and white people deserve the same rights, he went bat-s**t calling me racist. I don't think he gets what the word "racist" means. "Racist" means thinking one race is better than another. I wanted racial equality and he calls me racist. I'm not the one with the suspended Twitter account.

And that's it! F**king Trump supporters on Twitter.

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