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Recently, the SuperCarlinBrothers released a Big Hero 6 theory that they created. The theory states that Hiro from Big Hero 6 grows up and travels back in time to become his older brother, Tadashi.

And most of the time, I love their theories, but today, I'm going to be going over this theory and then debunking it.

Here We Go!

I'll summarize the theory: J says that in the future, after the events of the film, Hiro decides to use Krei's time traveling invention to go back in time and save Tadashi. We saw this technology when it was tested on Callaghan's daughter and the experiment went wrong due to a small irregularity in the magnetic field.

The theory goes on to say that Hiro was the irregularity in this magnetic field and he ended up traveling farther back in time than he intended to. Then he eventually posed as his younger self's brother to grow up and return to his time.

Hiro's parents don't know that they're suddenly getting a new son because they died and they were moved to the custody of Aunt Cass. Cass didn't know that the parents only had one child.

But I am going to debunk this theory. One of the pieces of evidence he brings up is the fact that if you look at this framed picture, Hiro's parents only have one child.

However, I assume that that is just Tadashi when he was younger and this picture was taken before Hiro was born.

But throughout the movie, lso, when Baymax contacts 14 year old Hiro's friends, he contacts Wasabi, Fred, Honey Lemon, and GoGo, who were Tadashi's friends, not Hiro's.

But throughout the movie, Hiro didn't really seem to have any friends besides these four, and when his brother died and he had no one, they were the closest friends to him that he had.

Also, Krei's invention was a teleporter, not a time machine. You basically go through one portal and you leave through another portal in the present. The machine didn't teleport you to the past. It teleported you in the present.

He also brings up the concept of time travel in the film, where he talks about how there are several references to Back to the Future in this film. For example, take a look at the helmets in this picture:

The helmet is a reference to Doc's mindreading device which he uses on Marty when they first meet in 1955.

And also, some have noticed that the clock in Hiro's room never changes and is stuck at the same time.

If you're as much of a BTTF fan as me, you'd know that Back to the Future also has a Clock Tower which is stuck at the time 10:04, which makes this another possible reference to Back to the Future.

That clock in the back behind Marty's head
That clock in the back behind Marty's head

And although J finally bringing up Back to the Future might be my favorite SuperCarlinBrothers moment in history, I just can't say that it provides any real basis for a theory that says that Tadashi was a time-traveling Hiro.

I have also learned a thing or two about time travel from watching the Back to the Future movies and here is another reason the theory doesn't make sense.

The theory states that Hiro went back in time to save his brother, Tadashi, who is actually a time-traveling Hiro. Now, if Hiro's parents only had one kid, then there had to have been an initial Hiro who doesn't have an older brother because he didn't go back in time yet.

So, if this initial Hiro didn't have an older brother named Tadashi who died in a fire, then Hiro would have no reason to travel back in time in the first place and therefore would never become his past self's older brother.

Also, if Hiro was an adult when he traveled back in time, he likely should have stayed the same age when he went back. You don't get younger as you travel back in time and Tadashi was several years older than Hiro. So that can't happen.

Not to mention that Hiro would notice the older brother that just showed up in his life randomly. You would remember that you didn't have an older brother for the first few years of your life.

It's a nice concept, but it doesn't really add up.

And that's it!

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