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Since 1995, Pixar Animation Studios has been releasing amazing family films that have made us laugh, cry, and smile. So today, I'm counting down my ten favorite scenes in Pixar movie history.

10. Where Is My Supersuit?!

This is probably one of the most memorable, funniest scenes in The Incredibles. Frozone (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) is looking for his supersuit, but his wife refuses to give it up, as they have dinner plans. In all honesty, they had better make a callback to this joke in The Incredibles 2.

My life will not be complete until I see Barack and Michelle Obama re-enact this entire scene. You don't understand how funny that would be.

Also, just real quick, imagine this scenario:

Frozone: Honey!

Honey: What?

Frozone: Where is my supersuit?

Honey: What?


If you can tell me what Samuel L. Jackson movie that's from, 10 points to Gryffindor.

9. Spot Finds a Family

Although it definitely isn't Pixar's best film, I have to give them credit for this emotional scene in which Arlo allows Spot to go off with a human family and draws a circle around him and the family to show that they are a family. The hug between them and the music is definitely tearjerking.

8. When She Loved Me

This is a pretty sad scene in Toy Story 2 where Jessie is abandoned by her owner, Emily. I'm gonna have to piss someone off here, but I think this scene was pretty overrated. Sure, it was sad, but it wasn't THAT sad. I think it was just pretty good storytelling, but I don't know why people love this scene so much. So, that's why it's #8 on this list.

7. Carl and Russell's Relationship

It upsets me that this had to be #7, because this is probably my favorite, most powerful and perfect film endings in cinematic history. The scene has Carl standing with Russell as he is promoted to Senior Wilderness Explorer, and he gives Russell the grape soda badge that he and Ellie had when they were kids.

Carl then becomes a sort of father figure to Russell and the house that Ellie had aways pictured next to Paradise Falls lands next to the waterfall, exactly where Ellie had wanted.

6. Bing Bong Vanishes

This scene was pretty emotional and well-written, and it was extremely saddening to see Bing Bong die and what the scene showed was how your most vivid memories at one point in your life can fade away at another point in your life (foreshadowing for future article).

Riley lost an imaginary friend, and the fact that he was a figment of her imagination is what makes the difference.

5. The Incinerator

I think this scene was amazing just because usually in films, characters do whatever they can to stay alive, and they put themselves through great pain to do so (also foreshadowing for future article) and in this scene, Woody and Buzz grab onto each other and so do many other toys and they accept death.

We loved these characters for 15 years and it would have been so depressing to see them die, so the final twist is what made this scene amazing when I watched it in theaters as a child.

4. Sulley Finds Boo

My favorite things about this scene is that Mike was able to put together every single piece of that door for Sulley and when Sulley opens the door for the first time and sees an older Boo, the smile on his face and the offscreen "Kitty!" says it all, and the music fit the scene perfectly.

3. Wall-E and EVE

In my film class, I was taught how to convey a story without words and how you don't need words to tell a great story. This film was a perfect example of how two robots, who can barely speak, can have such a strong romantic connection and the message is that irrational love can destroy everything, even programming.

And by the way, I acted in my own short film entitled The Magician, and I'm not about to release it to the public yet. The acting isn't bad, it's just that I don't want to make my face public just yet.

2. Andy Leaves His Toys Behind

This scene was extremely depressing because Andy realized that as he was leaving for college, he needed to leave behind a few things, and even though the toys meant so much to him, he decided to pass them on to another young child who could play with them with another amazing imagination.

And #1...

1. Carl and Ellie's Lives


I cannot believe how well-told and adorable this story is. The relationship between Carl and Ellie is amazing and their spirit of adventure is also amazing. I love their shared emotion and the church in which Ellie's funeral was is the same church that she and Carl got married in.

Hands down, best music, best love story, and best scene in Pixar history.

And that's it! Tell me your favorite Pixar scene in the comments below.

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