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Last week, Disney announced that they would be ending their deal with Netflix, meaning that in 2019, Disney movies will be taken off of Netflix and they will instead be launching their own streaming service with their own films and shows.

As a huge Disney fan, I initially thought the idea of a streaming service filled to the top with Disney films was a good thing. But boy, was I wrong. Today, I'm going to tell you why it's actually a horrible idea.

Here We Go!

I watch a bunch of stuff from Netflix and Hulu. Here's the problem, though. Netflix and Hulu each cost $8 a month, and since I wanted to take out commercials and get Showtime so that I can watch Penn & Teller: Bulls**t!, I end up having to pay...I mean, my sisters end up having to pay over $20 a month for these services.

On Netflix, we have kickass movies such as Moana, Tarzan, and Zootopia. And it's awesome to be able to pay for those movies along with movies such as The Prestige and Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of.

Well, I mean, I didn't--well, I watched it. I'm not gay. I just like good music and documentaries. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, of course.

The point is that Netflix currently has a bunch of stuff. They have stuff that parents can watch and they have stuff for little kids. Like Mulan 2 or Mater's Tall Tales.

I guess this is something that a kid would want to watch, right? I mean, it's kind of a form of child abuse if you're exposing your child to this, but there are a bunch of awesome kids shows and movies that they would love to watch.

And if Disney takes that away from working class families, then they would have to pay extra every month just to provide both themselves and their children with entertainment. I'll put it this way: as much as I like Penn & Teller: Bulls**t!, I don't think a four year old would be at all interested in busting mindreaders.

And even if you don't have any kids, you could be negatively affected. Because films from Marvel and Lucasfilm could be getting their films on their own streaming services as well, so you'll have to pay even more for that.

Maybe news will come up that will show how great of a thing this is, but when the U.S. minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, there could be some who won't be able to afford it. But what do you think?


In general, is Disney taking films off Netflix a bad thing?

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