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Quick question: Is Charles Muntz dead?

Well, of course he is. We saw him die at the end of Up. He couldn't have survived that.

That's not exactly what this theory is saying. This theory isn't saying that Charles Muntz survived, but that that's not Charles Muntz. What if I told you that the REAL Charles Muntz was actually killed YEARS ago and replaced by some crazy doppelgänger?

Our theory today is supplied by The Theorizer.

Here We Go!

Okay, so first, I'm gonna link you to another theory by the SuperCarlinBrothers which says that Carl is crazy. Some of the evidence between these theories are shared, but their details are different.

Now, Charles Muntz said a few things that weren't untrue. For example, he said that he found a giant tortoise on safari with Roosevelt, and would play gin rummy with him on the weekends, and Roosevelt would usually cheat.

However, he doesn't specify whether he was talking about Theodore Roosevelt or Franklin Delano Roosevelt. But either way, neither one makes sense to have happened.

Muntz was born in 1911 and Theodore Roosevelt died in 1919. So, the oldest Muntz could have been if he was with Roosevelt is eight years old. What adult would cheat at playing cards with an eight year old just to prove that they're superior, and ESPECIALLY not a U.S. president?

Well, never mind.

But if it was FDR, that would also be unlikely, because FDR had Polio and was wheelchair-bound for most of his life. Therefore, it's unlikely that he would be on safari with Muntz.

So, Muntz was very clearly lying. And he also claims to have never left Paradise Falls. But does this really make sense when he has a bunch of domesticated dogs?

The canines in this part of South America would be almost wolflike, and not like pets. And given the fact that there aren't any dogs with female voices, how are they reproducing? They can't be. Muntz is leaving the area to get domesticated dogs.

And also, how did Muntz serve Russell a hot dog with a hot dog bun?

So, Muntz's past and actions definitely don't make any sense. But what if he's not just lying about his past? What if that's not Muntz at all?

I'm guessing The Theorizer watched The Visit.

Well, let's compare the 22-year-old Charles Muntz who went to South America years ago to the old, villainous Muntz we follow in the film. Their eye color appears to be the same.

But if you look at their ears, you'll see that they are very differently shaped.

Why would your ear shape change from when you're in your 20s to when you're in your 90s? It doesn't make sense.

Not only that, but if you look at their noses, the young Charles Muntz has a rather short, thin nose. The older Charles Muntz has a more long, pointed nose. These subtle differences are part of what makes this whole "imposter" theory so plausible.

And just watch this scene where Carl and Muntz fight:

Did I forget to mention that Muntz is supposed to be 92 years old? I don't know how many 92 year olds are reading this, but the odds of being able to do that kind of fighting at the age of 92 is very low. I don't even know if I'll LIVE up to 92, but rest assured, if I do, I'll be re-enacting this scene to see how much I can do.

This imposter seems younger than 92. He has different features, and he is capable of doing a lot more than a 92-year-old can.

And there is a scene in which the Muntz imposter shows the severed heads of all those who he had killed trying to find the bird. One of those heads belongs to Muntz. This man was an insane fanatic of Muntz, who was willing to do anything to replace him.

And that's it! What do you think?


Is the Charles Muntz we see in the film an imposter?

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