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What's everyone's favorite superhero team? The Avengers? No. The Fantastic Four? No. Big Hero 6? Okay, maybe. But The Incredibles have always been one of the best.

I mean, they're just a family with a unique set of superpowers, which they use to protect their own city. And they're awesome.

So, that's why I'm gonna be giving you eight super fun facts about one of Pixar's greatest films, The Incredibles.

1. The film was directed and written by Brad Bird, who conceived the film as a 2D-animated movie.

Bird initially had the idea while he was still working for Warner Brothers. However, he eventually joined the Pixar team, who helped him to make this movie.

Mock-ups for a 2D-animated version of the film appear during the credits of the film.

2. A scene in the film is a reference to 'Die Hard With a Vengeance'.

These are my two favorite Samuel L. Jackson films of all time, and the "Freeze!" scene from The Incredibles is a spoof of a scene from the film, Die Hard With a Vengeance, where Jackson's character, Zeus, needs to answer a phone, but has to deal with an incompetent police officer with a gun pointed at him.

You can see both scenes in this video:

3. Edna Mode was based off of Disney studio costume designer, Edith Head.

Yeah...the resemblance is just uncanny, isn't it?

4. Syndrome wasn't initially gonna be the villain of the film.

He was initially gonna appear for only the opening scene, and the villain of the film was going to be named Xerek. However, Pixar animators reacted more positively to Syndrome, and decided to make him the villain.

5. The film contains 35 explosions and approximately 640 gunshots.

WOW. Not bad for a PG movie.

6. Bomb Voyage was initially named Bomb Perignon.

Bomb Voyage is definitely a better name...

And that's it! 'The Incredibles 2' comes out in 2018.

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