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Fandom has been a part of my life since the first time my mother sat my ass down in front of a TV and Batman The Animated Series was playing. I had a Batman play tent that I would poke my head out and watch my daily dish of cartoons. X-Men, Batman and Spider-man were my favorites. It has spawned a life long love for all things geeky for me. Now though, I see a new face emerging from fandom. It is an emerging evil that is spawning on the internet.

“Ah you think fandom is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding!”

I sit and watch the fandom that use to protect me on the days I got bullied or the time Stacy broke up with me and had to binge watch Gotham. Oh yea, that was last week. It bothers me how angry fans are becoming about fantasies. Before it was passion, like how we would fight about who was better Batman or Superman. Now, its becoming something I don't even want to be associated with. Honestly, this has been happening for awhile. Its why I even had to take a break from writing on here. We have become something other than a fandom, its becoming a crusade.

So I ask you, is this the world you want your children growing up in. A world where we try to tear each others heads off for something as childish as a rating on a website. When did that ever stop us from enjoying our fandom? For those of us who are a bit older and even a lot older, this is a golden age. When I was a kid we had Batman movies and cartoons. Finally X-Men, Spawn and Blade came out and kind of revitalized the scene and then Spider-Man. You young fans, critics and writers are living in an over saturated world of comics book heroes and fantasy. Appreciate the bad movies, the good movies and the oh so weird movies. Don't worry about what ratings say. So write your scathing review and you who reads it and has a different opinion, have it. But stop the war. It is okay to have opinions. Appreciate all opinions even if it doesn't reflect your own.

Fandom is an amazing thing and can do even more amazing things for people. Whats happened over the years isn't just our fault though. Corporations have taken a large interest in the whole comic movie boon. Thus it is inevitable that corporate greed and lack of insight into what truly motivates the fandom can be dangerous. In part, it means that we do have to be more vigilant in protecting what got us here in the first place. Fandom is about a family of fictional characters that help us get through this sick and twisted world. So lets not let our stupid petty fan wars take that away from the kid who needs this stuff just to get through his week at school. Because that was me, and I couldn't imagine how different my life would be if I had what we have today back then. Its cool to be a geek now. Lets stay cool guys and gals. One Family Strong!

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