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The Secret Behind Robins Death

Suicide Squad has been dominating the box office these past few weeks and it has drawn a lot of controversy on whether it did the audience right. The movie was enjoyable to me and actually opened up some info regarding Batman V Superman. I am going to detail my fan theory on certain events mentioned in both of the DCEU movies. Something stuck out in both of them that I think will lead to a certain character coming to light in a future movie. So if you haven't seen Suicide Squad or Batman V Superman, there be spoilers ahead.

Love is Just Chemicals
Love is Just Chemicals

The Fans Killed Robin the first time!

In Batman v Superman, we are introduced to the late Robin via his spray painted costume hanging in the Bat Cave. In Suicide Squad, it shows info about Harley Quinn being an accomplice to murdering Robin and we learn that the Joker didn't act alone. The death of Robin has been a major plot point in DC's comic history. Robin's death was actually a direct result of audience participation when DC asked fans to call a specific number to request whether he lived or died. Out of 10,000 votes, there were 5,343 votes for Jason's death and 5,271 votes for Jason to live. It was a very close call with many fans being upset and more very delighted to see the annoying side kick gone. So what does Robins death signify for the DCEU?

Don't Die On Me
Don't Die On Me

The Mystery of the Baby Clothing

This is where I start to jump into my own personal theory on the Joker and Harley Quinn's motivation to kill Robin. In Suicide Squad, there are a few key items and moments that paint a very horrifying picture of their anger towards Batman. The first hint is in the scene where the Joker is lying on the floor surrounded by knives and other things that remind him of Harley. In the far right corner we see something a little off from the rest of the objects. We two baby outfits sitting next to each other. Why would the Joker even have baby clothing to begin with? It is a little off but it opens a deeper darker story that has been interwoven in the background of the past two films.

The Enchantress Dream Sequence

Then we get to the Enchantress scene where she is showing the Squad what they truly want, an effort to get them to join her. When we enter Harley's mind we see a normalized Joker and Harley taking care of what presumably are their kids. Why are kids being brought up once again? Why is it on her mind? Well this is where the big kicker comes. Either Batman or Robin, while fighting the Joker and Harley cause her to have a miscarriage. In an early version of this article I had speculated that the car crash may have caused the miscarriage but due to timeline inconsistencies it had to have happened earlier. Thus setting up the greatest revenge tale ever made. You take from the Jokers family, he takes from your family.

We don't know much about what happens to the Joker and Harley when they kill Robin but I have a feeling the miscarriage would be the one thing that would set Harley and Joker to kill the Bats sidekick. We also don't really know much about how Batman and Robin operated in Gotham. Was Batman as brutal as he seems to be in Batman V Superman?

This will all lead to Robin coming back to hurt his "father" aka Batman in a Red Hood story. While we were all focused on the main story, the background story is building up what I believe to be the main story line of the first stand alone Batman movie. Now, you can take my theory with a grain of salt but some of this stuff is adding up. Clearly, Harley's deepest wants is to have children with Mr.J. If you ever played the Arkham series, this is minor plot line for Harley in the game. It makes sense when you put the pieces together. And this theory would give great reason to why the Joker murders Robin.

Did you like this theory or am I way off point? Sound off in the comments!


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