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A Haunted House Experience In Augmented Reality!

Just in time for the Halloween season Novum Analytics team has unleashed their game 'Night Terrors: The Beginning' unto the masses. The much anticipated game has had us horror fans waiting for news of the release. Finally it has been approved for the Apple Store and is up for fans wanting to turn their own house into a haunted house. While I haven't yet had the courage to play it, I will be downloading it at once after this article is done. I just had to get the news out their for those who want to get their Halloween spooks on a little early.

Here is the official app description:

Welcome to Night Terrors.

A new breed of immersive entertainment, Night Terrors: The Beginning sets out to redefine the way people think of mobile entertainment. Using one of the most advanced AR systems ever built, Night Terrors utilizes all your senses in order to create one of the most heart-thumping experiences ever seen on mobile devices.

Question your own reality, face your fears and dare yourself to explore the paranormal. Enjoy the first of many haunted experiences, as your safe haven becomes an illusion of nightmares - What's real? What's not? Feel your heart beating in the darkness that surrounds you, as you’re immersed into the unknown.

Night Terrors: The Beginning is just that - We're giving you a small glimpse of what is possible, and what’s to come. We will be continually updating with new content, and fright-filled, one-of-a-kind experiences. Are you ready to take the next step into the future of mobile AR entertainment?

Lets find out.

Official Screen Capture from Novum Analytics
Official Screen Capture from Novum Analytics

This game is available on iTunes for 99¢ as of now. This game is sure to bring the frights of the movies into your own home. If you are ready for a haunting of your own you can download the game here. Let us know in the comments how your experience is.

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