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Who could it be?

With episode three debuting today, I thought I would do a rundown on who the mysterious "Yellow Eyed Demon" in Legion could be. While there are a few fan favorites on who the fat ugly demon could be, I will list my top choices on who it could be from the Marvel Universe. We do know that Marvel did work closely with the team developing the show so who knows how much of the X-Men lore will work its way into the show. So lets get to the list and try to tackle the mystery.


Mojo is a villain that debuted in 1985 in the comic Longshot #3. While he doesn't really tie into Legion's comic stories, the villain fits the bill on looks. Mojo is from a race of people called "the spineless ones" and also is a slaver. He is also very fond of TV and ends up creating a gladiatorial arena to have captured mutants fight for his entertainment. He also ends up creating a reality TV show following many mutants on Earth 616. While he does look the part, I don't think the creators of Legion would dip too far into the X-Men universe especially someone who doesn't have much to do with Legion.

Fiend aka Professor Y (David Haller's Version of Charles Xavier)

Something that most people have learned since the announcement of the show Legion is that David Haller is the son Charles Xavier. We all know him as the bald psychic who leads the X-Men into battle. What you might not know is that eventually he dies and the trauma of Legion losing his father creates an imprint of him on his mind. While this could come in the future, I highly doubt they would introduce Xavier dying before introducing him to the audience as being his father. However I can't for sure say as this show is keeping everyone on their toes.

The Shadow King

He is one of the top picks on the list and has some features that are similar to the version in the show. He is made of pure energy and basically feeds off his hatred for humanity. He is basically as old as the first nightmare and represents the dark side of humanity. He has the ability to take over someones body and take control. One of his most famous looks was a very large Egyptian named Amahl Forouk. In the comics he takes over Legions body on Muir Island and is a huge threat to the X-Men. This could play well with the show and is among the top choices for who the Yellow Eyed Demon is.

A Whole New Villain

Its possible though that they want to create a whole new villain. With no real ties yet to the X-Men universe besides Legion, it could be possible the demon with the yellow eyes is entirely new creation for the show. It is also possible that they have borrowed from some of these villain and created an amalgamation of them all.

Only time will tell what is truly going on in the FX show Legion but it is already getting a lot of attention. This one show that does not hold your hand and truly throws you into the deep end. Is everything we see in the show real or is it just another mind game. This has me hooked and I know as word spreads about the show it can only get bigger. As an X-Men fan I am shocked to say this might be my favorite X-Men related thing to come out on television. Lets hope they can keep up what the first two episodes have done and continue to loop us into the mystery.


Who do you think the "Yellow Eyed Demon" is?

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