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Ken Shamrock has lost 11 out of his 14 past fights. In the last three fights he was knocked out in the first round. At 52 years old, the UFC Hall of Famer is still fighting.

"The World's Most Dangerous Man" is at this point not the greatest bastion of good judgment. But regardless, he dished out advice recently on Brock Lesnar, the former UFC and WWE world heavyweight champion, who is returning to fight Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

"He's jumped back and forth too many times from wrestling to fighting to wrestling to fighting," Shamrock told Marc Charles from The MMA Talk Show on Money Talk AM in Florida. "I mean this is his third time around, I believe. I think it's going to hurt him, it's going to mess up his... you've got to have consistency."

Of course, Shamrock is all about consistency. He left MMA to join the WWE himself in the 1990s.

Here he is battling "The People's Champion," The Rock.

Shamrock achieved moderate success in the WWE. He was intercontinental champion. He never achieved Brock Lesnar status, however, largely because he wasn't the athlete Lesnar was.

Shamrock continued:

"When you're a professional athlete, you have to do something for a period of time. So if he continues to keep going -- oh he did wrestling first and then he did MMA and then he goes back to wrestling and now he's back to MMA again -- I don't think he's really stabilized himself or set an example for himself in MMA. I mean he was there a short time, then he was gone. I mean he's really done more in pro wrestling than he has done in anything else."

Except Lesnar is a former UFC heavweight champion. Shamrock, a pioneer in MMA, never won a UFC title.

Here's Shamrock on a recent fight against the late Kimbo Slice:

So is Shamrock correct? Has Lesnar not mastered the art of MMA enough to compete seriously anymore? There's clearly only one way to solve this. Shamrock vs. Lesnar, UFC 300. Two out of three falls. Dan Henderson as guest referee. Book it.