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We are less than three months away from , and pro wrestling fans everywhere are speculating about what the biggest card of the year will look like.

The writers typically change the show often in the months and weeks, sometimes days, leading up to the event. We'll trust that after 33 years, the WWE, for the most part, will put on the best possible show. Still, we at Champions do have a few requests, or better yet, wishes for WrestleMania.

So, no matter what direction they go, in terms of matches, here's what we wish for WrestleMania on April 2 in Orlando, Florida.

21. Let Mauro Ranallo Announce the Entire Card

He's the best play-by-play guy in wrestling and the fans deserve to hear him during every match. Pair him with Corey Graves and let's see what happens. Mamma Mia!

20. No Squash Matches

The vs. match at the Survivor Series was really stupid. We can't have that again. We'd rather have fewer matches on the card than 10 squished into four hours. Speaking of Goldberg and Lesnar . . .

19. Goldberg vs. Lesnar Should Not Go On Last

Part-timers in a nostalgia match. Fine. Put it halfway through the show. Those two don't deserve to wrestle in the main event. The WWE will be lucky if Goldberg is still getting cheered by then.

18. No Shane McMahon in the Ring

We love McMahon, but we don't want to see his overly scripted daredevil jumps. Leave the biggest show of the year to the professional wrestlers, not the professional dabblers. This isn't playtime.

17. No 20-Person Tag-Team Anythings

Whether it's a women's or men's tag match, the WWE just throwing mid-carders together to get them on the shown never works. They are never memorable and they take time away from the good matches.

16. Give Us Blood


It doesn't have to be a lot. We don't need to go all from the 1980s. A crimson mask every now and then adds substantial drama to a match. And let them get the blood the "old way," not the "hard way," which is way more dangerous. Just ask Randy Orton,

15. Find a Top Singer to Perform America The Beautiful

It's always cool to hear America The Beautiful to kick off WrestleMania. The WWE should spend a few dollars and lure a name singer. WrestleMania deserves it.

14. Launch a Halftime Show

If the WWE wants WrestleMania to be like the , then it needs to steal some of its elements and create a spectacle. And no, we are not talking about having Kid Rock perform. A halftime show would pay for itself in merchandise sales at the live event and make the show feel special. They may not get A-listers this year, but they have to start somewhere.

13. Finn Balor Must Wrestle on the Show

He has one of the greatest entrances in pro wrestling history. Whether he is champion or not, WrestleMania deserves a entrance, one that would give chills to anyone live or watching at home.

12. All Matches Must End With Clear Finishes

Give us the DQs and count-outs on the free TV shows. Give us clear, conclusive endings at the biggest card of the year.

11. Only Two Women's Matches on the Show

We love the ladies, but make Mania feel special by only showcasing the world title matches. Even a Triple Threat for the championship would be OK. Every match on the show should be great.

10. Bring Back Hulk Hogan

Yes, has proved himself time and time again to be a creepy dude. Still, he's not getting any younger and the WWE should be able to use him at least once a year before it's too late. Even if he just makes a big entrance to his theme music and does guest color commentary for a match, or appears in another Legends interview segment, about the only place Hogan belongs these days is inside a WWE ring.

9. Bring Back The Rock

It's almost certain that The Rock will play some role at WrestleMania, but let's not take anything for granted. The Rock can electrify an audience like no one else. Can he deliver a Rock Bottom on the winner of the Goldberg vs. Lesnar match to tease toward a future matchup? I hope so.

8. Chris Jericho Cannot Defeat Kevin Owens

Whether it's for the championship or not, it looks like we are headed toward a big match between Owens and Jericho. It's bad enough that Owens has been booked as coward and lightweight since winning the championship last fall. He can't lose to a guy who wrestled Juventud Guerrera in the 1990s. Owens needs to defeat the old guy. It's the job of a legend to lose to the young talent.

7. Ric Flair and Charlotte Must Reunite

It feels weird for these two to be feuding, particularly when is so much like her father. Charlotte's match, whether she wins or loses, must end with her embracing her father to a massive pop from the crowd. She can slap him again the next night on Raw.

6. Triple H Must Lose


The era of the part-timers winning the big matches must come to an end. If it's against Seth Rollins, Triple H must lose. If it's against the Brooklyn Brawler Triple H must lose. WrestleMania can't be a vanity moment for Stephanie's husband.

5. John Cena Enters as "The Doctor of Thuganomics"

Cena has shown an impressive edge since his return to Smackdown Live. He does not have to turn heel to reclaim his rap gimmick. Cena is actually a good rapper and his charisma as a tough guy is way more magnetic than when he plays the nice-guy dweeb. He needs to build up to his Thuganomics return and when his old music hits at Mania, the stadium will lose it.

4. The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

If there's anyone that can have a safe match with, it's The Miz. These two have been feuding verbally for months. Let's see the payoff. Even if they had a grappling match, it would probably be at least the 4th best on the show. The Miz tricking Bryan into a return match would have everyone in Camping World Stadium on the edge of their seats. We want one more YES! chant. Then, after the match, The Miz and Bryan hug, as a sign of respect. Feud over. Both guys are off the chart popular.

3. Book Ronda Rousey

It doesn't matter if Rousey never wins another fight. She belongs in a professional wrestling ring. Wrestling fans are also way smarter than people give them credit for. Losing a UFC fight doesn't make you "weak." Pro wrestling is a world of its own and what the fans want are great athletes who also have great personalities. Rousey is just that. Rousey vs. Charlotte or Stephanie is BIG BUSINESS.

2. Roman Reigns Cannot Leave the Show as World Champion

No. Please don't let Reigns ruin Wrestlemania. It's fine if he gets a win over someone, but it shouldn't be for the title. The winner of WrestleMania should be someone who unites the crowd. Most of the stadium should be on their feet cheering for the winner. Reigns is a divisive wrestler. Until he can get over authentically with the crowd, he shouldn't close the biggest show of the year.

1. AJ Styles Wins or Retains WWE Championship

Styles is the best pro wrestler in the WWE. He delivered with several excellent matches during 2016. His reward? He needs to leave WrestleMania with the championship. The fans love and respect him. I can hear it now as the show ends, "AJ Styles - AJ Styles - AJ Styles." It's the only way.

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