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KO of the Year (Boxing)

Canelo Alvarez KO6 Amir Khan

If there's a boxing equivalent to a slam dunk that shatters the backboard glass, it was 's wicked right hand that sent crashing to the ground. Alvarez was defending the WBC and lineal middleweight championship against Khan, in a match that pit Alvarez's power vs. Khan's speed. Khan displayed his hand rapidity in the first couple of rounds, but Alvarez kept chasing Khan and eventually caught him.

Alvarez started to get his jab going in rounds 4 and 5 and, most important, landing hard body shots that disrupted Khan's rhythm. Timing is everything and in the 6th round, Alvarez landed a beautiful shot to Khan's face. Khan was out before he hit the mat. How do we know this? The back of Khan's head bounced off the canvas like a deflated basketball. The referee didn't bother to count. Absolutely beautiful and brutal at the same time.


Joe Smith Jr. TKO8 Bernard Hopkins

This knockout looked worse than it was, but perception is often reality, which is entirely unfortunate for the legend . Hopkins, in the final fight of his illustrious career, was losing against , when he got hit with a flurry of punches with his back against the ropes. Hopkins is known as a master defensive boxer, often slinking down to half his size to avoid or take the sting away from punches. This time, the tactic turned on him. As he was getting hammered with shots, Hopkins lowered his body and got clubbed with a final left hook that sent him through the ropes, onto the floor outside the ring. Hopkins injured his right ankle in the fall and was in no shape to continue after the punches either. A dramatic and ironic end to the career of one of boxing's greats.

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