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Less than a month after Joe Smith Jr. knocked through the ring ropes and into retirement, the WBC International Light Heavyweight Champion is back to work at his construction job. The 27-year-old Smith, who some call a "real life Rocky" is a union construction worker in New York.

Smith enjoyed three big knockout wins in 2016 and is regarded as one of the sport's rising stars. He's not too big, however, to hold down a grueling day job.

Smith earned $140,000 for his fight against Hopkins. His boxing associates paid a visit to him on his first day back and they took photos together with the championship belt.

The fact that he's a champion and still working construction has earned him high praise on Twitter.

Retired UFC fighter put out a tweet to acknowledge the double duty.

Smith scored one of 2016's most memorable knockouts. He sent a slumping Hopkins through the ropes and onto the floor with a flurry of punches before landing a final left hook. The knockout earned the runner-up spot on our knockout of the year list.

Here's how the Hopkins knockout went down.

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