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Mixed martial arts legend said his January 21 Bellator fight against will be "15 minutes of hell," and that he plans to knock him out. In an interview with aspiring MMA fighter Shawne Merriman, Ortiz revealed that the Chael Sonnen fight is about his life and "legacy," and that Sonnen won't be able to hang with him.

Ortiz began his career 20 years ago and plans to retire after the Sonnen fight. He said he has fought for more than two decades out of choice, not necessity.

"If it were about the money, I would have stopped five years ago," Ortiz said. "I would have been done. It's just that I love doing this."

Ortiz has an MMA record of 18-12-1, and is one of the sport's early fighters who helped bring MMA and the UFC into the mainstream.

"People don't understand the sacrifice, the suffering I do to get ready for a fight," he said. "This is not a game."

Merriman asked Ortiz about what happened 20 years ago, when Ortiz and Sonnen battled in a college wrestling match.

Sonnen pinned the legend in 30 seconds.

"It hurt me emotionally," Ortiz said. " . . . I have the opportunity to get my redemption."

, who played in the NFL from 2005 to 2012, is thinking about an MMA fight. He has trained for the sport and even declared that MMA training is more difficult than NFL training. He would like to fight for Bellator. Ortiz, 41, will fight Sonnen, 39, at . Hear him talk about his MMA goals in the video below:

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