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The latest episode of Game of Thrones was packed with awesomeness. Scenes that fans have anticipated for years (and book readers for decades) were finally shown. The final show down between the wights and the men that went beyond the wall was amazing. However, it does seem that the show is starting to lose one of the things that made it so great: stakes.

In the very first season the supposed main character was executed. This unique to Game of Thrones. There's no other show that plays with the possibility of main characters dying like Game of Thrones does. Two seasons after Ned's death, his son and wife (two main characters) met their end at The Red Wedding. Shortly after that, the main villain of the show was poisoned. But the most surprising and puzzling deaths was the death of Jon Snow at the end of season 5.

The reason we care about these fictional characters is because we know that they can die at any moment. My heart was beating very fast during the big battle in the last episode. I could literally feel adrenaline flowing through me. It was like watching people you've known for years fighting off a horde of ice zombies.

This episode's attempt to make us fear for these character's lives fell kind of flat. The only semi-main character who died was Thoros of Myr. This might have had more impact in the books, but we haven't spent a lot of time with Thoros and therefore his death wasn't a big deal. The show also threw in a few random rangers who all died in their attempt to create tension. This didn't help however.

Who should have died?

Beric Dondarrion: This man has died six times in the show and has been resurrected six times by Thoros. In the books, Beric gives his last life in order to re-animate Catelyn Stark after the Red Wedding. It would have been kind of poetic if Beric and Thoros had died together, with Beric giving his final life to someone else, like in the books.

Tormund Giantsbane: For a moment it seemed like Tormund was going to bite the dust.For a moment it seemed like Tormund was about to bite the dust. As much as I like Tormund and his love for Brienne, Game of Thrones doesn't. Remember when Ned died and no one could believe it. Cutting people's time short is what the show does best and I would have liked to see him go down shouting "BRIENNE!!"

Jorah Mormont: While he did survive Greyscale, it would have been sort of a redemption for him to go down like his father would have, fighting the army of the dead. Last episode Tyrion gave Jorah a coin and told him to bring it back to him. Jorah could have given the coin to Jon to bring back to Tyrion.

I think it's important for Game of Thrones to keep reminding people that their favorite character can die at any moment. I hope they don't lose sight of the stakes in future episode.


Who do you think should have died?

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