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Deadpool, Antman, Inhumans, these are some of my favorite comics from childhood. I don't write many articles here on Movie Pilot, that is because I won't write just to be writing but that I will only write about what moves me, things I am passionate about. That being said, here is another bolt...

Fox, Marvel, and Sony. Two of these studios have decided to play nice. What can we the viewing public do to get the third on board and unite the entire MCU? Can it be done without rebooting what Fox has done? What should be the slate of films?

1) I firmly believe that we, the viewing public, can be heard, provided we speak loud enough. We are after all getting a Deadpool movie and that has me all geeked out. With that, I challenge each and everyone reading this and all the contributors on Movie Pilot to speak up and be heard. Like, tweet, post, or whatever, but be heard. If you are a contributor, write an article about your views. If you want to tweet or whatever, let's use and link it all together.

2) I think that the current MCU and the Fox Marvel Universe (FMU) can be woven together with a little creativity. I would suggest a few minor character cross overs via Netflix and Agents of Shield to start with. Although there would be a few continuity issues like the X-Men showing up in the 70's, I believe this could be explained in an Agent Carter season 2 because there was not a lot of distraction compared to New York, and the fact that the government was involved, we all know how good they are at cover ups. This could bring it all together seamlessly.

3) The slate of films currently in the MCU is fine. I however would allow and encourage Fox to greatly expand their side of things. We have rumors of an X-Force movie and the aforementioned Deadpool movie. How about New Mutants, Cable, and X-Factor? Possible story lines could be Phalanx, Mother Askani and Onslaught to name a few. These could be part of the FMU and the MCU at the same time.

Doing this would allow for greater stories like Secret Wars, and crossovers with Cable, Deadpool, Wolverine. How cool would it be to see Forge on screen as a Shield Agent and in an X-Men franchise. What about Magik ( Illyana Rasputin) and Warlock / Douglock? Tie those in to Dr. Strange via Limbo and wow, mind blown.

So, again, I challenge all of you to be heard.


Will you accept the challenge?

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