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This HUGE Minecraft city was built by hand over 4.5 years by a team of more than 60 architects. The city, named "Broville" (sigh), is now available to download and explore for free! Every building has a full interior, with innumerable secrets to uncover. There's even a functioning subway system. Here's a link to check it out yourself.

If you don't have time to roam around a full-scale Minecraft city, we've collected the best screenshots so you can still get a taste - check them out below!


Note the railroad tracks used to simulate fans on top of rooftop air conditioning units!


Unfortunately, the jets and helicopters do not actually fly. Mojang please!

Prison Island

Definitely an Alcatraz or Arkham Asylum vibe from this full-scale prison!

Baseball Stadium

As viewed from a hypothetical Goodyear blimp. Note the Hollywood-style "Broville" making it impossible to forget that, yes, the name of this city is in fact "Broville." Imagine living in this city and having to tell people you're from Broville all the time. I'd rather be from Normal, Illinois.

Ski Resort

This ski resort comes complete with a ski lift and pontoon planes! (Because pontoon planes are a fixture of ski resorts, right?)

Mysterious Sand City

Who built this mysterious sand city? Was it the ancient Egyptians? No, it was a regular old Minecraft player, specifically the kind of Minecraft player who thinks "Broville" is an acceptable name for a major metro area. Still cool, though. Probably some awesome secrets in here if I had to guess.

Full Top-Down Views

The full-continent view really gives a sense of scale! Absolutely massive project.

Check out the full Imgur album here!

If you get a chance to explore Broville on foot, tell us about what you find in the comments!

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