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has been out for a little over a week now, and already people have been making incredible designs via the Hut, which allows players to design custom Yoshi designs and share them via Streetpass. Some of these people have gone above and beyond, and made absolutely awesome yoshis to share with the world, check out some of our personal favorites!

Cloud Strife (FF7)

For any and all Final Fantasy lovers, this Cloud Strife Yoshi brings the hero of Gaia straight to your 3DS is a cute yarn form.

Batman (Or Should We Say Bat-Yoshi) And Robin

Nananananana Bat-Yoshi! Comin' at you straight from Gotham city. This Bat(Yoshi)man skin will have you using your gadgets (aka Poochi) to beat all of the levels (100% of course, because Batman's too good.) Of course, Batman wouldn't be batman without Robin either, thankfully this creator didn't leave out our Boy Wonder!

Cheesasaurus Rex (AKA The Kraft Mac And Cheese Mascot)

Well now I'm hungry. Great. Thanks Yoshi artists.

Ms. Marvel

10/10 for Ms. Marvel. Nice job Jenni. :D (Tbh I don't know a whole lot about Ms. Marvel PLEASE DON'T HURT ME MARVEL FANS)

Super HD Cool Yoshi

Honestly this one is just so cool. Like I want to figure out how to do this because it's just super cool.

Autobots,ptimus Prime (Transformers),

Autobots, rollout! Gotta love some Optimus Prime, and now you can turn your Yoshi into him too! This game just gets better and better.

Sonic (Sonic)

Okay, this one's kind of cheating because it's an unlockable from the amiibo, not designed from a player, but it's still too cool to not include. Ever feel like Yoshi just moves too slow? Well, now you can turn our favorite green dinosaur into our favorite super-fast blue hedgehog! (Does not actually increase in-game speed)


Which Yoshi is your favorite?

Do you have any cool Yoshi designs to share with us? Let us know in the comments!

(Source: Siliconera, imgur, Nintendo)

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