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Snoke is not really dead we see him get cut in half by kylo ren but we also see Luke force project himself across the galaxy to we also know that Luke projection of himself looks younger well snoke face looks less broken but in episode 7 it was a not like this. Also he could come back as a force ghost which is just or more power full then people who are alive as we see yoda use this force powers to blow up a tree also Lukes dead could he have killed himself because he new if snoke becomes a force ghost then only other force ghost could stop him. One snoke theory I thought of is darth vader's force ghost could have turned back to the dark side changing his look back to his body at the end of episode 6 another theory I am thought of is snoke being general hux as we see some ginger hair growing on snoke could this mean its him from the future or may be its his future force ghost as they are the force so may be they can travel back in time if he has then why is he back there may be its to save this past self or to make himself reach his full power.

A video supporting my theory's:

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