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Brad Allen

More "agent of chaos" BS? If that's what you think the Joker is, then you must never have lifted a comic book. The Joker isn't edgy and "hip." He's deranged, yes, but holds himself to a higher standard of lunacy than your ordinary tat'd up inmate. The Joker sees himself and batman as two halves of the same coin and though they're mortal enemies, the clown has the utmost respect for bats. Tattoos aren't the kind of symbolism that he goes for. Batman is a rich, cultured man that is, in the Jokers eyes, dressed in a ridiculous clowny outfit. So... the joker is a over the top, deranged, psychopathic clown in an upright, pressed suit. Get it? That *points at photo* is not the Joker.

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