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Frozen used gloves very cleverly

In cinema, gloves are regularly used to represent hiding one's true intentions. Characters often seen wearing gloves are normally hiding something.

Frozen is the perfect example of this.

Elsa obviously uses gloves to hide her powers and doesn't show her true self until she discards them.


Well played Disney, well played. Elsa was hiding her ice powers and Hans was hiding his true, evil identity. Very clever.

Mother Gothel’s affection was all about the hair. Eugene’s wasn’t

Mother Gothel always kisses Rapunzel’s hair instead of her forehead. This is a reoccurring theme throughout the entire movie. Whether it be Mother Gothel kissing Rapunzel’s hair, singing to Rapunzel’s hair, or her pet name “my flower” for Rapunzel’s hair, Mother Gothel is always showing affection to Rapunzel’s magical hair rather than Rapunzel. Meanwhile, whenever Eugene is being affectionate towards Rapunzel, he always pushes her hair out of the way.

Disney female characters cover their face when they are upset

Disney always makes sure that whenever these girls are upset, that their beautiful faces are always covered.

This is much more than just a funny line

"Your son is awake."

"Before sunrise he is your son."

The rule of being king is “everything the light touches belongs to you,” well, I guess that goes for your children as well.

Lime green= bad news

If you ever find yourself in a Disney movie and someone or something starts being mysteriously surrounded by lime green, stat away from the thing. Everything lime green is evil. Just remember that.

What was Scar's name before he got his scar?

Before Scar for his scar, which was given to him by a wildebeest incident involving Mufasa, his name was Taka. He requested to be called Scar after the incident because he is a very over-dramatic lion as we already know!


What is your favorite DIsney movie???

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