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There are some excellent movie to look forward to in 2017, but before all that comes new years day! You might be chilling at home with family, trying to distract yourself from a ridiculous hangover or just having a film day with friends to celebrate the new year.

Well this is the list for you! 5 great movies to watch on New years day and wash away the taste of 2016!

1. Back to the Future

I know that any self respecting film fan has seen BTTF at least fifteen times, but it really is a great movie to watch on new years day. Other than the fact that it's a near perfect film, it also looks at dealing with the demons of your past and then moving forward to focus on a bright future. Plus it's a film that whole family can enjoy!

2. The Lego Movie

I watched this last year with a massive hangover and it was the perfect remedy! You can't help but feel uplifted by the films infectious fun and I really did end up feeling like everything was awesome! Another family friendly film, plus you can watch this to get yourself geared up for Lego Batman!

3. John Wick

Ok so you've had a big night and now you just want to switch your brain off and enjoy some crazy popcorn fun! John Wick is the movie for you. You can watch this on your own or with a bunch of friends, sit back, relax and watch Keanu kick all kinds of ass! Plus with the second film on the horizon, this is a good way to psyche yourself up!

4. Labyrinth

We lost a lot of our favorite celebrities in 2016 including the always amazing David Bowie. As well as being one of this generations greatest musical artists, he also appeared in some great movies and Labyrinth is my absolute favorite of those. So you can chuck this on, throw yourself into the fanatic world Jim Henson created and remember Bowie for the legend he was.

5. The Hangover

However crazy your night was, or however much you embarrassed yourself, it can't have been as bad as this right? You can watch Alan and the boys frantically try to work out what happened the night before and not only feel better about yourself, but have a good laugh in the process!

So there you go! That's my list for 5 great films to watch on new years day! What do you think and are there any others you would add? Let me know in the comments and have an amazing 2017.

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