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The 2004 movie Mean Girls has become sort of like a social doctrine for tweens and teens of the world over. Its mix of social commentary, biting one liners, sass and catfights captured the imaginations of youngsters everywhere. It’s a teen movie that taught us a lot about the wild side of high school – and gave us a glimpse of just how cray-cray high school cliques can be. Overall, the movie taught us very poignant life lessons, and is quotable in almost every situation.

From Queen Bees, teenage stereotypes, your kind of weirdos, and competitive cliques, below are some of great films for when you want to want to get your Mean Girls fix without watching Mean Girls for the umpteenth time.

9. 'Easy A' (2010)

Emma Stone in 'Easy A'. [Credit: Screen Gems]
Emma Stone in 'Easy A'. [Credit: Screen Gems]
  • Directed by: Will Gluck
  • Who's in it? Emma Stone, Penn Badgley, Amanda Bynes, Dan Byrd

is a high school movie we can all relate to. This was also Emma Stone's first starring role, and she definitely owned it as Olive. After lying to get out of camping with her best friend's hippie parents, Olive suddenly became the talk of the school after she lied about losing her virginity. Her new 'skank' reputation was spread by the religious fanatic Marianne (Amanda Bynes). Olive embraced this and helped loser guys become more popular. If anything, this movie reflects real life because of how petty we can all be sometimes; especially when we're so quick to label and gossip about people, despite their business being nothing that affects us.

8. 'G. B. F.' (2014)

  • Directed by: Darren Stein
  • Who's in it? Michael J. Willett, Paul Iacono, Sasha Pieterse, Andrea Bowen, Xosha Roquemore

G.B.F. explores some girls' obsession with having a gay best friend. Their reasoning is thus: girls can ask their G.B.F.s about dudes, and also rely on G.B.F.s to give them some savage truth bombs when needed. When Tanner (Willett) was accidentally outed as gay in front of a whole class, his school was ridiculously excited about having their first out-and-proud gay man. Tanner found himself living his best friend Brent (Iacono)'s dream when three of the school's Queen Bees vied to be his the ultimate It Girl, and have Tanner as their personal G.B.F..

7. 'Pretty in Pink' (1986)

[Credit: Paramount Pictures]
[Credit: Paramount Pictures]
  • Directed by: Howard Deutch
  • Who's in it? Molly Ringwald, Harry Dean Stanton, Jon Cryer, Annie Potts, James Spader, Andrew McCarthy
  • Fun fact: Molly Ringwald also previously appeared in John Hughes' (1984) and (1985) which made her a teen icon in the '80s.

A movie that tackles the insecurities of teenagers, love, and the social cliques in the '80s, is a movie where everyone can find a situation to relate to. From dealing with rich mean jerks (both boys and girls), to being friendzoned like Duckie, to being slightly embarrassed by our beau's background -most of us will find something to relate to here. Pretty in Pink shows that teenagers the world over go through pretty much the same situation. John Hughes just understands us like that.

6. 'St. Trinian's' (2007)

  • Directed by: Oliver Parker, Barnaby Thompson
  • Who's in it? Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Russell Brand, Talulah Riley, Lena Headey, Gemma Arterton

, as Annabelle (Riley) says, is like 'Hogwarts for pikeys' (or 'psychos', in the more politically correct trailer). However, unlike Hogwarts (which divides students in every sense of the word), you'll be welcomed by any and every group at St. Trinian's. Watch how these girls defend their home from the outside forces which threaten to close it down.

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5. 'Cruel Intentions'

  • Directed by: Roger Kumble
  • Who's in it? Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair
  • Fun fact: Ryan Philippe and Reese Witherspoon actually fell in love and got married in real life; sadly the couple divorced in 2007.

Rich step-siblings Kathryn (Gellar) and Sebastian (Philippe) are cunning, manipulative, and probably sick in the head. We're pretty sure that if Kathryn and Regina George met IRL, Regina wouldn't hold a candle to the real Queen B*tch that is Kathryn Merteuil. She's intelligent, rich, and conniving — she puts the Plastics to shame.

4. 'The Duff' (2015)

  • Directed by: Ari Sandel
  • Who's in it? Mae Whitman, Robbie Amell, Bella Thorne,Bianca A. Santos, Skyler Samuels

Based on Kody Keplinger's book of the same name, is this generation's social guide for dorks. Like , it isn't just about the social hierarchy of high school, it's also a story about the people that represents us... and here, if we're not popular, we are likely the D.U.F.F. (Designated Ugly Fat Friend). Every group of friends has one!

3. 'Election' (1999)

  • Directed by: Alexander Payne
  • Who's in it? Matthew Broderick, Reese Witherspoon

The only other I could think of that rivals the one from this movie in terms of sheer drama is the real-life American Presidential election. This movie is about Tracy Flick (Witherspoon): a brilliant, politically-obsessed teenager. Due to all the lucky consequences from the choices of those around her, she destroyed the patriarchy of the consistent teacher of the year Jim McAllister (Broderick). It's a funny and witty movie, and in retrospect, we realize that it was Jim's own fault (and not Tracy's!) that he ended up with a mediocre life in the end.

2. 'The Craft' (1996)

'The Craft'. [Credit: Columbia Pictures]
'The Craft'. [Credit: Columbia Pictures]
  • Directed by: Andrew Fleming
  • Who's in it? Fairuza Balk, Robin Tunney, Neve Campbell, Rachel True

If you're after the witchy equivalent of Mean Girls, welcome to . New girl Sarah Bailey (Robin Tunney) was confronted by the 'Bitches of Eastwick' to complete their sisterhood. After a ritual which rendered them unconscious, the girls woke up with witchy powers. However, when some of them began using their powers for harm, karma bit them in the ass (times three!). Only the truly most powerful witch remained standing.

1. 'Heathers' (1988)

  • Who's in it? Michael Lehmann
  • Directed by: Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, Shannen Doherty

In Mean Girls, we saw Cady Heron getting invited to (and eventually infiltrating) the social clique known as 'The Plastics', composed of a blonde, intelligent Queen Bee and two other airheads. In , which I consider a reverse Mean Girls, Winona Ryder's Veronica was invited to join the most popular and hated clique in school - Heathers (the girls share the same first names). Technically, there isn't a neck-breaking bus scene in here, but there's plenty of lies, lust, and murder.

High school movies just never get old; the friends and groups who shaped us back in high school will stay with us forever. Just like what that Bowling for Soup song says, ‘the whole damn world is just as obsessed to who's the best dressed to who's having sex'. High school never ends, because what’s relevant to you then, will likely still be relevant to you now — and that includes some of these hilariously cliched movies.


Which is your favorite movie?

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