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Believe it or not, It's been eight months since the world lost one of its most off-the-wall, lovable, and damn right hilarious comedians, Robin Williams.

Williams starred in a plethora of cult movies and TV shows throughout his life, and his career was so diverse that his passing saddened people across all generations, from those who knew him best in Mork & Mindy, to those who only knew him as the voice of Genie from Aladdin.

While it's easy to recall your own favorite Williams film (Mrs. Doubtfire, without a doubt), you often forget just how many iconic performances the star made - and that's where Jamie Costa comes in.

Costa is a YouTube and Vine celebrity with a crazy talent for amazing celebrity imitations. On Monday, Jamie posted a video titled "Never Had A Friend Like Him," a 2-minute-long video of Costa doing 20 different impersonations from Williams' entire career. They are nothing short of amazing.

Of course it doesn't hurt that Costa bears an uncanny resemblance to a young Robin Williams, but it's more than just similar looks that the two share. The young Viner has managed to nail the comedy legends speech and mannerisms so perfectly it's almost a little sad to watch.

Though it was recently revealed that there was a clause in Robin Williams' will that prevents his name or likeness being used until 25 years after his death, there's no doubt in my mind that if there were ever a Robin Williams biopic, Costa should be in the runnings.

What makes Jamie Costa's video all the more touching is that Williams was a true inspiration to him growing up, underneath the video on his YouTube account he wrote that the video was:

"A tribute to the man whose spark ignited my passion."

A Redditor claiming to know Costa also said that during the actor and filmmaker's time in high school he would hold a Robin Williams movie night each Sunday.

The video is high spirited and a whole bunch of fun, and no doubt something that Robin himself would have loved, especially considering he was the same man who famously said:

"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."

Thanks for all the laughs Jamie and Robin!

Watch the entire hilarious video here:

(Source: YouTube via Reddit)

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