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It's more and more apparent that is a badass bitch who is here to stay, no matter what 2007 might try and tell you, but the pop star might be even 'Stronger' than we ever possibly imagined. Namely against Somali pirates.

It turns out that the 'Toxic' warblings of everyone's favorite Cheeto-loving angel have the power to terrify pirates and empty the high seas of danger. If you don't believe me, just listen to Merchant Naval officer Rachel Owens explain why her team thought Brit was up to the job:

Shockingly, the songs the British Navy are using aren't even from Blackout (Sorry BritBrit, it's not your best work) and they actually favor Britney's earlier, more recognizable outputs such as 'Oops! I Did It Again' and 'Baby One More Time,' to make the pirates flee in horror.

Personally, I feel like they are missing a trick by not utilizing the most potent Britney number ever created which I have helpfully left for you below:

British Navy, if you ever need a new playlist, let me know. Forever, Email my heart.


Which Britney song would you use to scare pirates away?

(Source: The Guardian)

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