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Former Power Rangers Wild Force actor Ricardo Medina Jr. has pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter after killing his roommate with a sword in an incident that occurred on January 31, 2015.

Medina previously denied the murder accusations, claiming that the attack on Josh Sutter (36) was an act of self defense, although authorities say he stabbed Sutter multiple times with the weapon after an altercation about Medina's girlfriend and the way she parked her car.

The victim, Josh Sutter [Credit: ABC News]
The victim, Josh Sutter [Credit: ABC News]

The violent 2015 incident came to the attention of the police after Medina himself called emergency services. First responders took Sutter to the hospital, but he was announced dead at the scene.

An autopsy showed that the victim suffered 10 wounds, although Medina's attorney allegedly claimed Sutter was only stabbed once and dog bites on the body were mistaken for wounds from the sword.

Medina has been arrested twice for the killing. His initial arrest on the day of Sutter's death resulted in him being released due to lack of evidence. Law enforcement continued to investigate the case and less than a year later Medina was re-arrested and charged with murder.

Medina as the Red Ranger [Credit: Fox Kids]
Medina as the Red Ranger [Credit: Fox Kids]

Deputy District Attorney Tannaz Mokayef said Medina’s sentencing is scheduled for March 30. He could face up to six years in state prison for the crime.

(Source: Time)

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