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Now Loading's sentimental Irishman. I can't stop playing Overwatch, please send help.

How do you play? Because it says a lot about you as a gamer. Having been a console gamer since the original PlayStation, you'll usually find me lying completely prone, controller resting on my chest with my neck snapped into a complete right angle, chins folding. It's really comfy. And then the next day hurts like a mother f***er.

But that's my gaming setup! I got a big old TV in my room, I lie on my bed with a pillow against the wall and disappear into worlds for hours on end. I even use a lapboard when I play on my PC! Which I'm sure some would consider sacrilege, but whatevs. However — even though I adore my setup — I must admit that jealousy is coursing through my veins after checking out what NeoGAF users' gaming environments look like. How does yours compare?

The Greatest Gaming Setups: Let The Jealousy Flow

Welcome to the den. A place jammed, crammed and slammed with more than you can possibly imagine.

My word. That is a lot of gaming gear. Plus it all lights up!

Dude. That color scheme. Is sick.

Oh my very yes. This looks so comfortable!!! I want to play Overwatch on this desk so much right now.

This right here? This is what I aspire to. Nice modern setting, tons of room for other gamers to chill, nice speakers, windows looking outside and the PS4 running The Last of Us on a sweeeet TV.

I want.

I really like the simplicity of this one. Consoles perfectly nestled beside one another. The couch is a really great distance from the TV. And there's a setup for the PC behind it so the PC player can still watch the nostalgia or Netflix series.

And there's a lot of Portal. Which automatically makes everything wonderful.

Oh maaaan. This is so fine. Look at those speakers! The TV is the perfect size and the space for sitting is...

comfy AF. Imagine just throwing yourself across that or inviting everyone around for a session of Halo or Life Is Strange. Perfect night in my mind.

I'm not one for clutter, but this collection is so impressive I really can't put it down. And OH MY GOD IS THAT TABLE A SNES CONTROLLER? Wait, what's behind the couch?


This is really something. The artsy gaming covers on the walls, the cosy wood, the fightstick, the comfy couch.

Real classy, man. Real classy.

A retro gamer's haven. That's a lot of Nintendo stuff right there. Look at all of the amiibo!

I love that the Nintendo gaming section is equal to the size of the PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360 collection combined.

Super simple. Super modern. Super chill. Just look at the view:

You can just stare out the window after finishing a game, asking all of the existential questions that life has to offer. It's perfect!

I'm just going to give you a whole bunch of pictures from this place because... you'll see why:

Oh yes.

Oh my.

Oh hot damn.

Oh, very, very, very hot damn!

This place looks like the damn library in Beauty and the Beast.

Worship at the alter.

I guess it's big enough...

Is that Xbox One just for show?!

Just leave me in this room for a few hours with a really big bag, okay?

By now you'll know that I love this place. All that white, color balanced against the blue of the PS4. Mmmm.

This guy plays games in a home cinema.

Because some people can do that sort of sh*t.

And own carpet like that.

And play BioShock: Infinite like that.

Ladies and gentlemen, the retro room!

*Audible sound of jaw hitting floor*

*Jaw breaks on impact*

*Speech disabled*

I want to watch these glitches on basically any one of these setups:

Which of these was your favorite? Got any sweet gaming setups you'd like to share?

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