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Oxygen, 43kg - Carbon, 16kg - Hydrogen, 7kg - Nitrogen, 1.8kg - Calcium, 1kg - Phosphorus, 0.78kg - Potassium, 0.14kg - Sulfur, 0.14kg -

Good morning

Eyes are in the back of my head

Oh, sit down

I am too alive to even be dead

There will come a time

When regardless of composure

Of kinder not care

What with all these lies up in my head

That I will start to be the things

That I was hoping I would do

No not just by myself but perhaps with the help of some of you

Days grow longer

As we grow older

Later we can cruise not too far

We pretend to drive away with

My fingers grazing the asphalt

The room I stumble in

Has me describe your face

Once we have arrived not that far

You could begin to understand

Why I am in no such hurry

My eyes open as they can be

For me, for now for us

Everything occurs

Oh, my yes it did happen

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