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Oxygen, 43kg - Carbon, 16kg - Hydrogen, 7kg - Nitrogen, 1.8kg - Calcium, 1kg - Phosphorus, 0.78kg - Potassium, 0.14kg - Sulfur, 0.14kg -

Day +225

We are still working tirelessly. This really cant be the end. When I locked myself in this lab I swore I would save the rest of humanity. The virus first appeared in Miami were told. From the reports some pretty immigrant boy who spent his days selling cold sodas to over weight tourist and locals. His name was Tomas and he had the sort of dusty brown hair that you run your fingers through for hours. Tomas had started that day like every other before it. I imagine he awoke showered and threw on the days attire. He would shuttle off to the kitchen where he would find his abuela. I'm sure she was a charming woman who absolutely did no wrong. She probably had puffy cheeks and silver hair tied in a bun on the top of her head; she would be smiling the sort of smile Tomas lived for it reminded him of summers spent at her house with his grandfather. She would make him a bagel and juice which he would inhale and then run out the door to the city on his bike in hopes of making just a little bit of money. No on knows for certain but somewhere between home and Little Havana Tomas would become the fore bearer of absolute death. At approximately 11:47 am on the corner of 118 Southwest River Drive Tomas is seen being approached by an elderly man who buys a coke from him. Nothing of any particular importance unless you count the mans hair was as red as blood. The general consensus has been that he looks like a tampon without a home. Gallows humor. Twenty three minutes later a woman jogging approaches Tomas to purchase a coke and he does not respond. Clearly irritated the jogger removes her headphones and begins a verbal altercation with the boy. Tomas the whole time stands there quite stoic and unimpressed. The jogger turns to leave and that is when Tomas grabs her wrist. She pulls and pulls but she can not break the young boys grip. Panic sets in and she strikes Tomas across his head and the situation escalates. Now witness reports state a few differing stories and they vary so each is a matter of speculation but could just as easily be that all of them occurred. Witness number one a Officer Mark Dexit, a local law man on scene states that immediately following the attack Tomas turned to face the jogger and with mouth agape reach into his own orifice and remove what at the time appeared to be a mid sized sucking candy. Still holding the irate jogger he twist the dominant arm breaking hers at the elbow. Numerous witnesses as well as officer Dexit report not being able to hear the victim scream at all. There was in all actuality no sound to be heard. All peoples within a twenty mile radius were struck with a retrocochlear mass lesion for the following twelve hours. Officer Dexit then claims that the only thing that he or anyone else would hear was the sound of dial up modems. Screaming or singing in unison he couldn't be certain but it rang out as Tomas sprayed hundreds of small rectangular objects; all the size of a jolly rancher no bigger from his open mouth. 11:54 am officer Dexit says people start to scream as the “jolly ranchers” land on them, why he insist on calling them that I have no idea. Without warning the nodules erupt and the blister like structure pours what we now know as the contagion into and onto all it can. The chaos is thick and blinding in the final three minutes officer Dexit reports he drew upon Tomas firing a shot into his skull ending the scenario.

Reports filed with corresponding local law offices agree that the entire situation seemed to contain itself from that point on. The final record of that is is a sole early beta max format cassette. There is across the front of it a strip of tape with the words bunny men scribbled on it. Until a proper player can be found this tape will be held in the vault with Echo, she and it seem to be the only things that might see tomorrow.

Day +75

I have decided that with or without my colleagues assistance something must be done. We have a general idea of when this starts. We can stop it. We learned of a boy named Tomas who is thought to be our patient zero. I wish my mother was here to see this. To know that hope lived on to spite her. The wicked fucking bitch she had become, “without your lord you will burn in the rivers of blood” is what she told us. She took Echo and me and burned that stupid fucking symbol on us as if it would protect us from something. First rule of science should be not to get so Brobdingnagian that we can not tolerate ourselves. Already though they were full of it. The reports say the contagion is spread though fluids, air, blood, any contact of any sort of all really is all it needs. Who would even think to make something like this? Who would hate so much. Not just individual hate not like black on white or the gays getting beat up by skinheads with too much to prove about how big their dicks were. Those were simple ignorant hates but this …..this virus it killed everything and everyone it did not matter. Once infected the victim begins to experience loss of all visual capacity. The individuals cells start to behave like notes on paper. All replicating the same music though like an old child's toy. They type that would have a ballerina and you would wind and wind them and then a little jingle would follow the music would be brief and lovely and then it would just stop. Remaining motionless until you wound them again to allow them to perform their tragic little dance of death.

“Have you ever actually seen one?” he asked “Seen one of what?” he could sense her anxiety it was palpable. No one had been in a room with a Scale for some time now. It's what we called them. Not proud of it but it is what it is. “ I tell you this Bunny Man when it all started I was at home. Living this big fucking American dream! I had beer I had brothers! Work was good and we did what need be done. Then suddenly peoples say peoples are getting sick and how we need to be safe. I shit you not I was at my brothers trailer. My brother he is Tomen. Tomen was a very smart man had great plans for his family. We were drinking these schiit beers and laughing it was Giltine's Quinceañera and she was so excited. It was then that for about twenty minutes it rained those jolly ranchers on us. I thought it was some el gringo prank but the kids were chewing them and eating them and then everything stopped. Stuck there deaf completely incapable to communicate with anyone else. I looked at Giltine and there was no anger there was no pain she just shot out like a spool of printer ink. “ she sighed; “It's shit like this that makes this so fucking important.” The more sordid bits of that particular story were what followed though. After the deafness began the cries. Anyone who had, had the great misfortune of making contact with whatever it was Tomas released were changed. Childrens bodies like modern art deco statues. Spun and tore apart it looks like a vinyl tree wearing your loved ones as a costume and if you were so bold you would play them. Now most cities have since put a ban on doing such things and when located we are to destroy all evidence but they say the record left waiting to play might have been everything the host was incapable of saying while alive. So it expressed itself in this monstrous form. A last ditch assault I guess on everything around it. That kinda shit just seems to only bring you down though man.

Day -75

Two travelers appeared out of no where today. I don't understand any of this how could I. I'm probably just losing my mind anyway. Who watches these videos anymore? Are you some person aware, safe , not dealing with any of these insane issues we have on earth. Do you laugh at us? The travelers were very disheveled said they could not remember from when they came but that a catastrophe was coming and it would surely destroy us all. It appears as if the same issues we have with chronal travel are effecting us in the future still. Our travelers left with little to no memory to call their own. Their missions carved into their arms it seems. They are sent to prevent the initial infection but they were sent back to the wrong time. Fucking idiots cant comprehend that time is fluid and ever changing. It does not stay stationary for us to wield it. So they are just shooting people back hoping to hit the right time. Well at least they had the wherewithal to use a woman.

Day 25

We now are considering sending someone forward in time to see what occurs and then a recon team in the reverse to stifle the situation. The likelihood of them ever returning is slim to none but something must be attempted. We can not just go quietly into the night. We are mankind we are the dominant species. Surely there is enough valor to get us through even this instance. I cant shake the feeling that there are hundreds of dead people just wading through us. Completely and utterly formless but there just hanging on. Questioning everything I do thinking I am to blame somehow for whatever there is wrong..........

Day 1.

As I walked to our shiny new new offices today from the parking garage. I remember that a week ago I told poor Tomas I would have the clinic give him a once over. Oh my dear sweet Echo you would adored Tomas he is a kind boy who sells sodas to your mommy on her way to work he doesn't make fun of her Prosopagnosia which keeps her from the time travel research department . No Echo you would like Tomas he is nothing but love and beauty inside of him my dear.

Well off to work I go to change the stars and find new gods. Wave goodbye Echo. Say Bye Bye.

Bye BYe

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