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Kingsman: The Golden Circle released two weekends ago to mixed reviews. Many people saying that Harry coming back was weak and ruined the emotional consequences later on in the film. Yet, there is a HUGE problem no one has spoken of yet, that shapes and can kill a film. Here we go. MINOR SPOILERS FOR THE SECOND HALF OF KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE


Gallahad Sr. looking badass
Gallahad Sr. looking badass

C'mon guys, why has NO ONE talked about this? Now the first and third act of the second Kingsman movie are incredible; They are everything I wanted this sequel to be. However, loving one and a half hours of a two and a half hour movie is pretty bad. The reason with this, to me, is the whole second act. Roughly an hour long, the second act of the movie has NO CLUE what it wants to do. It wants to flesh out it's slightly mediocre villain Poppy, it wants to establish tension between Eggsy and his girlfriend, it wants to bring Harry back to former glory, it wants to try to establish the Statesmen. It fails at all. The scene will cut from Poppy killing a man with mechanical dogs to Harry seeing butterflies to Eggsy having to cheat on his girlfriend and calling her, forcing dramatic tension into the story where it feels fake and crammed in. The problem isn't the dialogue or editing, because both are fantastic, coming from Matthew Vaughn I expected nothing less. The problem is the pacing. Scenes that feel like they should flow into one another have a weird interlude segment shoved in the middle for ten minutes before continuing the subplot they were exploring int the beginning, This movie just has too much on its plate to handle, and it dropped all the good onto the floor and the mechanical dog picked it up and ate it. Yet, I do want to know how everyone else felt about this movie, so put it in the comments below!


What did you think of Kingsman: The Golden Circle?

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