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I've read a lot of Marvel comics Sean a lot of there Movies and researched a bunch about Marvel

Here are my favorites: captain America black panther. blackbolt and Adam warlock. Why captain America is my favorite aside from the shield. is he is a man out of time looking for a way to fit in to a world he doesn't belong to. he,ll give his life to save yours he follows the system but dosint mind breaking it if he feels its not in peoples best interest what the system is doing to them. He's the natural born leader and he just kicks ass. Why I like black panther is he's relley smart relatable reliable really quick and resoursful he's gone through so much has beaten so many and still looks good doing it. Why I like black bolt now that another story entirely. he has a voice so powerful all he has to do is weisper and a planet is destroyed. he lives on the moon he has a dog that can teleport you places. a sexy wife and a bad ass family. And he went toe to toe with the hulk and won. And why I like Adam warlock is he held the infinity gauntlet and stopped thanos with it.

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