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Now, there are very few days of the year on which it's bad to be a celebrity — fame, fortune and the freedom they tend to bring are typically signs that your career, at least, is going pretty well — but there are certainly a few on which it's great to be one. Chief among them, of course, being Halloween. Not only can you disguise yourself within any crowd you so choose, but for the discerning social media-friendly superstar, a wisely chosen Halloween costume can garner the sort of Instagram and Facebook likes usually reserved for major life announcements and Kardashians.

As such, it's perhaps not all that much of a surprise that star — whose social media game has long tended towards the awesome — posted a cunningly shareable picture of her Halloween outfit to Instagram last night.

And, as it turns out:

Game Of Thrones' Maisie Williams And Sophie Turner Rocked Matching Halloween Costumes

Costumes that, because Maisie Williams (a.k.a. ) and (a.k.a. ) know exactly how this social media game is played, are both mildly controversial, and entertainingly pun-based.

Y'see, Williams's caption of "everyone loves a hash brownie" — and indeed the duo's general costume concept — makes a whole lot more sense if you're familiar with both the Girl Scouts and a colloquial term for certain kinds of cannabis. Hash, y'see, is a marijuana-like drug, popularly used in the UK for baking illegal cakes, while the Brownies are a youthful (roughly 7–10 years old) branch of the Girl Scouts. Williams and Turner, then, by dressing up as "brownies," only with a marijuana-leaf emblem attached to the traditional uniform, are rocking a pretty great pun.

Also, they're wearing matching costumes, and that's always pretty much the most adorable thing that any friends can do, celebrity or not. The fact that the on-screen Stark sisters are such good friends in real life is really just a bonus. Even after that whole Nymeria biting Joffrey thing, no less:

Oh, Joffrey. Such a charmer.

What do you think, though? Were Williams and Turner's costumes worthy of the Iron Thrones, or Stark-raving mad? Let us know below!


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