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Of all the controversies to emerge from last Sunday's 74th — and Meryl Streep's badassery ensured there were several — there's only one that might just have frayed a familial relationship to the point of breaking. Y'see, while most of us were concentrating on 's gigantic beard, or celebrating/bemoaning his winning of Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture for , it seems that his big brother was experiencing a very different set of emotions. Specifically, he was as mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

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While he took the time to thank a whole lot of people during his acceptance speech, the younger Affleck brother very pointedly didn't thank his older sibling. And, as it turns out:

Ben Affleck Really Isn't Happy About That Golden Globes Snub

Or, at least, he's perfectly willing to pretend that he's unhappy about the whole thing. That's the major takeaway from Affleck's recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, in which he spent much of the time revealing dark secrets from Casey's past to a live studio audience. You can check out the full array of brotherly vitriol above, but in the meantime it's certainly worth highlighting the fact that Ben Affleck just spent a solid chunk of time listing ways in which Casey Affleck winning an award at the next month would be historic. As he put it:

"[It would be] the very first time someone would win an Oscar who didn't brush his teeth from ages 10 to 14. ... It would be the very first time someone would win an Oscar who pulls his pants all the way down at the urinal. Most Oscar winners don't do that. This would be historic in many ways. ... [Casey would be the] first person to win who's scared of butterflies. Not only that, he'd be the first person to win who used to touch himself watching Vicki the robot from 'Small Wonder.' ... Last but not least. I'm going to get one more in: This would be the very first person to win an Academy Award who once asked his brother if Back to the Future' is a true story."

Sadly, Affleck also appeared to note that all of the above is, in actual fact, "bullshit," but so long as we actively choose to ignore that particular detail, we can definitely continue to believe that Golden Globe winner and alleged sexual harasser Casey Affleck is absolutely, positively terrified of butterflies.

And isn't that a world we all want to live in?

What do you reckon? Do you think Casey Affleck deserves to win the Best Actor Oscar this year? Let us know below!

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