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Now, with early buzz suggesting that 's could well prove to be something of a critical darling, it's not all that surprising that box office estimates for the film are, as of right now, really rather positive. Indeed, with current projections suggesting that Logan will make a solid, if not spectacular $60 million, it seems that 's final outing in the movie universe could well prove to be a fairly successful one.

The biggest question hanging over Logan still remains, however. Namely:

Will A $60 Million Opening Be Enough For Fox?

'Logan' [Credit: Fox]
'Logan' [Credit: Fox]

After all, while a $60 million dollar haul would put Logan well on the way to profitability (its reported budget of $127 million would likely be comfortably covered in the opening weekend, once international takings are included), it would also be only a small improvement on 2013's ($53 million), and a fairly substantial drop from 2009's ($85 million). That being said, it would still be an excellent take for an R-rated movie if the very much R-rated hadn't made $132 million in its opening weekend only a year ago.

And, so, whether or not is considered a success by Fox will likely depend on precisely which movies the studio's senior executives choose to gauge the film's success against. If they're expecting a Deadpool-like breakout hit, then $60 million would be a huge disappointment — whereas compared to similarly R-rated action movies, $60 million would be a strong success.

'Logan' [Fox]
'Logan' [Fox]

Either way, though, Hugh Jackman still seems fairly determined to retire, suggesting that Fox will be having a pretty substantial rethink of the whole franchise in the not too distant future (along, perhaps, with the company's X-Men-centric cinematic universe as a whole). Whether that has any bearing on how Logan is approached, however, very much remains to be seen.

What do you think, though? Do you think $60 million would be a good haul for Logan, or a disappointment? Let us know below!

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