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So the movie that we never thought would actually come gets a trailer and it is largely......well puzzling. I have a lot of questions about the movie now, more than I had before actually. Who is the mysterious voice talking to Reed? Why does everyone look so young? Why am I getting future foundation vibes? and maybe the biggest question why did Fox jump the gun with their release of the trailer? After all as far as the public knows there is still a trailer coming in front of the movie adaptation of "Secret Service", but whether that will be a new trailer or the one released today who knows. This was a teaser trailer in every sense of the word showing little to nothing and looking very gritty.

This logo is awsome
This logo is awsome

One contributor stated that it is more of a "Interstellar" feel as opposed to "Dark Knight" or "Avengers". By that I believe they simply mean that this doesn't seem like a superhero film. Even the director Josh Trank would neither confirm or deny if the classic blue suits are in the film. As of now however it looks like we will just have to wait and see if any new details about the film come out.

Meanwhile watch me and a bird react to the trailer.


What did you think of the trailer?

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