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After years of rumors and speculation, The CW has confirmed that a reboot of the cult classic series Charmed is in the works, with showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman. The biggest surprise from the reboot announcement came with the reveal that the new Charmed will take place in 1976, as opposed to the original, which was set in the late '90s to mid '00s. The reboot has not, however, been referred to as a prequel, but rather a re-imagining. This obviously raises a number of questions, such as:

Why 1976?

Why have the new showrunners chosen to set the show in 1976, just over 20 years earlier than the beginning of the original, rather than simply setting it in the present day? Also, placing the show in 1976 rather than just sometime in the '70s seems oddly specific.

There could be a few reasons for the decision. Period shows seem to be very 'in' right now. The Goldbergs, set in the 80s, and Fresh Off The Boat, set in the 90s, remain popular sitcoms. , a sci-fi/horror series set in the 80s, became a runaway hit on Netflix. The Charmed reboot may be looking to hop on the train, and the 70s is an era that has not recently been tapped.

Will Any Of The Original Cast Appear?

It would involve a bit of time twisting, but it's not impossible. Though the original Charmed ones (Prue, Piper and Phoebe) would have been children at the time the reboot is taking place, they did in fact travel to the 70s in the season one adventure 'That 70s Episode'. That particular story takes place around late 1974 to very early 1975, but some sort of overlap is possible, if the original series and the reboot take place in the same universe. Perhaps our new heroines will have to deal with some sort of unseen consequences from the OG Charmed Ones visit?

Who Will The New Charmed Ones Be?

It is very possible that the reboot will take place in an entirely new Universe and timeline, which brings the possibility that we will simply see a re-cast Prue, Piper and Phoebe. The clear problem with this is that the original actresses, Shannen Doherty, Holly-Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, and Rose McGowan (Who joined the cast as half-sister Paige in season four, replacing Prue), are dearly loved by fans, and all have expressed their willingness to participate in a Charmed reboot in the past. Re-casting those roles, even if the new incarnations of the characters are very different, is a sure fire way to put old fans offside from the get go.

So, hopefully we will see some new heroines. It is mentioned various times throughout the original series that the Charmed Ones are descended from Melinda Warren, a powerful witch.

Melinda Warren
Melinda Warren

Perhaps the reboot will introduce us to a previously unseen branch of the Warren family, thus maintaining a link to the original series lore.

However the reboot is executed, the original series legacy should not be ignored. Charmed still holds the record of the longest running series in American TV history to feature all-female leads, and remains a cult favorite to this day. The reboot has a tough act to follow.


Will You Watch The New 'Charmed'?

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