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Excitement has erupted in the Doctor Who universe with the reveal of Jodie Whittaker as the , the first woman to take on the role. While the news has been met with a mixed reception by fans, one group has thus far taken a unanimously positive view on The change: The actresses behind The Doctor's former companions.

Alex Kingston

Alex Kingston is now best known for playing The Doctor's Wife, River Song. The Character was seen by some as a test run for how a future female Doctor might turn out. She was hosting a panel at Raleigh Super Con when the new Doctor was revealed. Aside from concern that her character often came out looking like a cradle snatcher, Kingston called the news 'Fantastic' and 'Exciting'.

Freema Agyeman

Freema Agyeman played companion Martha Jones between 2006-2010, breaking her own new ground as the first woman of colour to serve as a full-time companion. In a short, sweet message regarding the new Doctor, Agyeman reminded fans that 'Change isn't a dirty word.'

Billie Piper

Billie Piper is best known for her role as Rose Tyler, serving as companion for the first two years of the Doctor Who revival. She has been vocal about her desire to see a woman in the role of The Doctor, saying it would feel like 'an insult' not to have one in the near future. Her above tweet says it all.

Pearl Mackie

The most recent companion, Pearl Mackie appeared as Bill Potts in Series 10. Bill also made history, as the first LGBT woman to appear as a full time companion to The Doctor. Her tweet seems to indicate that she is excited by the news.

Matt Lucas, who played Nardole alongside Bill in Series 10, only had this to say:


Are You pleased with the choice of Jodie Whittaker as The Thirteenth Doctor?

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