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The season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead, which will also be the show's 100th episode, is now just weeks away. Now, AMC has added fuel to fan's excitement by releasing a new preview clip at 2017's New York Comic Con. After viewing the clip, which may or may not be from the 100th episode, fans could not help but notice some similarities between it and events early in the show's history.

Carl Alone

The first half of the clip features Carl, the now teenage son of series protagonist Rick Grimes, carrying a gas can as he strolls alone through a post-apocalyptic wasteland, littered with abandoned cars. Peeking into the cars as he wanders along, Carl notices that some of the Cars were not abandoned so much as their owners had the misfortune to die while inside them. Then the second half of the clip veers into slightly more dramatic territory as Carl is spoken to by an unknown fellow survivor.

Despite the sharp detour at the midway point, fans have noticed that most of the clip echoes the opening scene of Season One, Episode One: Rick wanders alone through the apocalypse with a gas can. While Carl peeks under a car to see the legs of his mysterious companion, Rick peeked under a car to see a smaller pair of legs, before making the much more unpleasant discovery of a zombie child with her Teddy Bear.

Whether the scene with Carl takes place in the 100th episode, or some later point during Season 8, it is most definitely a sequence meant to honour The Walking Dead's history.

Other Questions

Aside from the throwback to Season One, the preview clip does raise a couple of important questions. One, why is Carl alone? Supply runs from Alexandria are usually undertaken by at least two people. This hints that Carl may have gone rogue on his Father once again, as he did during his one-man assault on Negan's compound in Season Seven. The other, possibly more important question, is who is the mysterious stranger that Carl has encountered on the road, and are they friend or foe?

Hopefully we will get some answers when Season 8 of The Walking Dead premiers on October 22.

Check out The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer below:

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