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I can't wait for this upcoming October to finally get back to watching some of my favorite heroes on television! I love DC; I love The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow! Check out what Greg Berlanti had to say about this upcoming season:

We had a character who we had discussed as a possibility last year internally, and it didn't materialize. We didn't get to the story. We just didn't have enough real estate to deal with it in the way that we wanted to deal with it. So when we were planning this season, we said to the network and the studio that it was a priority for us, and everyone was cool with it. And obviously, because the character hadn't been gay, we hadn't necessarily discussed it with the actor, too.
Greg Berlanti
Greg Berlanti

The DC on CW has never shied away from the LGBTQ community, and why would they? I hear fans say that they're pandering, but in reality they're just representing every day life. As a fan; I love to speculate who this person could be! So, here are five characters that might be gay in the upcoming season.


This is my number one pick for someone coming out -- sexually (Key & Peele joke)! I know he shared a kiss with Sara before his untimely demise, but that matters little in the Arrowverse. Wentworth Miller is gay in real life, and that could factor in or not. I just have a feeling that he might come out this year, especially with the not enough real estate comment.


Colton Hayes, the actor that plays Red Arrow, has recently come out as gay. He left the show to try to find himself, and this is definitely a possibility. Honestly, I'm not quite sure how anyone could leave Thea, but that's just me?


I know, another gay actor and that shouldn't matter because all actors should have the range to play any character. But, it's a way to represent their community, and I'd love to see John Barrowman more in all four of the shows! For some reason, I think this might be the least likely candidate on this list (maybe?).


Alex sorta dated that douche-wad known as Maxwell Lord in season one. I think this would be a great story for an amazing actress, and we all know that Kara would be super-supportive! Honestly, I think it'd be smarter to use a character created by the show, then someone with a long history in the comics. This will minimize the backlash from fans (I'm already shipping her and Miss Martian!).

5. Caitlin Frost

That's right, she's done with men. She has nothing but heartbreak when dealing with the opposite sex. So, let the Elsa comparisons pour in, and watch her start mackin' on Iris West. I really want to see this happen, but it probably won't!


So, I think Captain Cold will come out this year, but you never know? The one thing I do know for sure -- it's 2016, this really shouldn't matter anymore. Lastly, I can't wait for these shows to return -- it's been a long, lonely summer without the DC on TV shows on The CW!


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