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We're so close to the premieres of all our favorite DC shows, and I thought it'd be fun to make a list of my favorite characters that currently resides on The CW! Honestly, this was a tad challenging because I never realized how many characters I actually really like on The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl.

Furthermore, I'm still rather upset about Suicide Squad — you have The Joker and you used him as a love interest — honestly, who thought that was a good idea? Luckily, we have some amazing shows to fall back on, and get us through these hard times at DC. Here are the eight best characters in DC shows on The CW:

8. Joe West

I adore Joe West. I think he's one of the best dads on all of television, and I especially love his laugh when someone says something funny! I admire how he took the role of father for Barry Allen, and how hard he tried to really become Wally's dad as well! I'm kinda not looking forward to seeing him not know how deep of a bond that he and Barry have in the upcoming Flashpoint, in Season 3.

7. Mick Rory

He started out as some mindless goon on The Flash, but since grown into one of the greatest pleasures watching, Legends of Tomorrow! I loved how he and Ray Palmer bonded in prison, and I especially love how he met Snart at a strip club, to tell him he's greatest man he has ever known! He's probably the second funniest person in DC on TV!

6. Cisco Ramon

Speaking of funny — Cisco Ramon elevates almost any episode he's in with his jovial outlook on life. Look no further than last year's season finale of The Flash when he was trying to get the mask off of Jay Garrick with Harry Wells. When he's says that he's working with a tool right now — I actually laughed out loud!

5. Barry Allen

I love Barry Allen, but he had a lot of ups-and-downs last season. Some people will say that's he growing into a superhero, and it's refreshing to see a hero of his status make mistakes. No way. When he went back to save his mom it really, really pissed me off. Not only did that just undo Season 1's finale, but he knows how detrimental messing with the past can be. It was selfish and it made me rethink why I love Barry so damn much.

4. Oliver Queen

Yeah, I still love the Green Arrow even though I'm losing interest in Arrow. Also, I don't hate Felicity, unlike many fans that are wishing for her death. I just think that they should never be together again, and they both need new love interests to keep the series interesting. I love Oliver the big brother, Oliver the best friend, and most importantly, Oliver the hero! Ollie is one of the most complex characters on television, and the series needs to explore what really drives him, and not have Felicity always looking at him in a manner reminiscing of "God, why isn't he doing more?"

3. Kara Danvers

I think Supergirl is one of the greatest heroes on television. She's everything that Cavill's Superman isn't: dorktastic, smiley, loveable, and most importantly, she's everything you think about when you think about Superman. I enjoy her relationship with Alex, and I'm sad that Cat Grant won't be a regular on The CW this fall. How can you not be excited to see her on all the other shows, and especially Cisco's reaction?

2. Sara Lance

She went from badass Black Canary to the even more badass White Canary in Legends of Tomorrow! She had some of the best lines in the series, and she even proved a more capable captain than Rip Hunter. She ran right passed her resurrection problems, and became of the best heroes on The CW! Look no further than in Star City 2046 -- she refused to leave, and brought Oliver Queen out of retirement -- I can't wait for season two! Also, she got high as hell in an earlier episode, which is quite frankly awesome (I'm easily impressed!)!

1. Harrison Wells / Eobard Thawne

Honestly, could it be anyone else? In the first season of The Flash, he gave probably the best villainous performance in television history (Too much?)! Then he returned as a somewhat different character in Season 2, and he made saying your first name so damn emotional! Plus, he's one hell of a father. In the Season 2's season finale, when he told Barry "Don't tempt me," was too amazing for words. I can't wait to see what he has in store for us in Season 3!

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments please feel free to write them down in the comments section. Lastly, I know most people probably won't agree with my list, but that's one of the best parts of being a fan!

Where do your favorite characters rank on the CW's best superheroes?

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