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Supergirl has finally made her way to The CW, after a lackluster freshman year on CBS. It was nowhere near as bad as some fans claimed, but at the same time, it wasn't nearly as glorious as The Flash and Arrow's. And hopefully by now, you're well aware that The Last Son of Krypton will be making his DC Comics' Flarrowverse debut this upcoming Monday. Andrew Kreisberg, Executive Producer on Supergirl, had these words to say about Kara's world:

Not for her entire world, but Kara will be traveling from her dimension to our dimension, “our” being the world that The Flash, Arrow, and Legends lives in.

Some fans would argue that Kara should join the rest of the gang, but let's be honest -- Adding another superhero to the mix would only complicate future storylines, and they're already complicated enough with all the timey-wimey aspects that DC loves to explore. For example: When Barry grabbed Eobard Thawne, and went back to the future, where was the other Barry? Are we to believe that Baby Barry vanished along with all the others? Or how did Rip know that they will all die in an attempt to save Laurel's life on Legends? All right, screw it, I still love The Flash, and the point is that trying to balance four shows is a Herculean task for any group of writers. Now, beyond common sense, this opens the doors for some pretty awesome stories on Supergirl's Earth!


Bad Kara
Bad Kara

We're already going to see Mon-El, Miss Martian, and possibly Cyborg Superman in the upcoming season. Also, who knows what else we can expect with the introduction of Cadmus Labs. There's a lot more to explore than just National City. I previously mentioned Flashpoint, or at least The CW's version of it, which is still supposedly going to last for at least a couple more episodes. This is where the writers of Supergirl could have tons of fun, and offer some fan-service that might intrigue the highly coveted 'New Viewer'! Here are four characters (reasons) that we'd love to see make their debut this season.


Why not? In the comics, Robert Queen became Green Arrow after his son Oliver died. This was of course in Flashpoint. This would be awesome to see after the huge crossover event between the four shows, and Kara could have a heartfelt moment with Robert about his son still being alive (Yes, just like Bruce & Thomas.). Not only that, we could possibly see a reunion between the two some day.


Wally West: Rebirth
Wally West: Rebirth

This version might not have the history with Barry Allen, but it'd be cool to see another Flash on Kara's Earth. Also, he just made his glorious return in DC Comics' Rebirth, and he's an immensely popular character. I'm not entirely sure if Jay Garrick is from Kara's Earth, and if he's not, it's a no-brainer to include Wally!


Batwoman in Detective Comics
Batwoman in Detective Comics

Kate Kane's popularity is surging due to her awesomeness in Tynion's Detective Comics. I'm not sure if she's a big enough name to warrant an appearance in the DCEU, but DC would be crazy not to capitalize on what the comics are currently doing with her. She's about to receive her own solo comic once more, and she's one of the most thought out LGBTQ characters in all comic books. She could appear in any one of DC's shows, but Supergirl is the best fit after the Gotham comment in the recent TV spot.


How long do you really think Superman will be around? Supes is a pivotal player in the DCEU and the writers could really milk the fallout from his death. I know, he kinda just died in BvS, but he really didn't. Val-Zod comes from the excellent comic called Earth 2: Society and he could be currently being tested on at Cadmus Labs by Lena Luthor. He's also the adopted son of Jor-El, and he still could be used as another familiar bond for Kara. Plus, he and Supergirl could drink Margartias and remincse about their past lives on Krypton!


Now, I know their are a lot more characters, but these are the four that I'd most like to see make their television debut on Supergirl! I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see Supergirl's transition from CBS to The CW, and how that will affect her show. Overall, I'm excited about all the possibilities that Supergirl will have to offer by not being on the same Earth as the other DC Comics shows. Lastly, only time will tell what characters we'll see in Supergirl Season 2!




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