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Warning Spoilers Ahead For Iron Fist Season 1

There was a moment when I was watching Marvel's Iron Fist (around episode 3) this weekend that I thought, "What I am missing, and how did this get so many negative reviews? Am I even watching the same show as the critics?"

Honestly, besides a few bad lines of dialogue and a somewhat annoying Danny Rand at times -- Iron Fist pretty much felt like every other Marvel show on Netflix. Each series have suffered because it's hard to make a 13-hour movie compelling throughout each episode. And yet, Marvel Television is doing a stellar job at it -- even though they have yet to hit the emotional core of the criminally underrated Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, but they have plenty of the time to still accomplish that!

Let's get right down to business how something subjective can possibly be wrong:

It Was Mostly All Hate

I may not be a martial arts expert, but neither are most critics. Now, not everyone will like the action -- it's just how things go, but I've talked to a few people and not one them complained about the action was lacking, or the editing was too choppy for their taste. Most people just sat back and enjoyed the show.

And yet, Iron Fist is at 16% on Rotten Tomatoes (Rotten Tomatoes is a site where they accumulate all of the 'Top Critics' by a passing or failing grade for a movie or a show.) and that is simply blowing my mind that 4 out of 5 critics failed this show because of numerous reasons (action was one of them) that most fans aren't seeing while they're watching Danny Rand, Claire Temple and Colleen Wing take on the Hand and Harold Meachum.

This right here is why most fans are upset; because we feel like we were lied to by those who are supposed to help us weed out the bad shows and give us somewhat of an indication about what shows we should be watching. One can see how this show might've rubbed a few critics the wrong way, but for that number to be so overwhelmingly negative it makes one think awful things, like, maybe they just didn't give it a chance because of controversy, or they should read more comic books to get better indication of what we're expecting. If you're already going in knowing you're going to hate it -- then why even review it? No one wants to think like that.

Most of us are simply baffled because that many critics thought Marvel's Iron Fist was that terrible, and it shows with an 86% approval rating currently from the audience, with almost 5,000 people trying to get their voices heard compared to the 44 people who reviewed it. We're a passionate group of people, and I would love to see the critics review it again after they watch the last seven episodes. Iron Fist most certainly had some flaws, but so did every other Marvel show on Netflix.

Furthermore, is it even right to review something when you only watched less than half the season? These are things we must ask our critics; being rude gets you nowhere, but constructive criticism actually might help the process. Lastly, we're lucky its on Netflix -- and as long as they get strong numbers we should see a Season 2 in the next couple of years -- or if we're lucky, Heroes For Hire!

What Did You Think Of Marvel's Iron Fist?

(C'mon, how awesome was that scene when Danny fought that drunk guy? Pretty Rand, right?)

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