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DCEU's Wonder Woman is off to an amazing start, receiving positive reviews that compare to Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight and Richard Donner's Superman! Diana Prince may be one of the greatest superheroes of all time, but is filled with amazing female superheroes that deserve a chance to be on the big screen as well. Here are seven other DC Comics heroes that we can't wait to see in the .

1. Mera

is right up there with any member in terms of powers and sheer awesomeness. She might be destined to be Queen of Atlantis, but her warrior prowess makes her one of the most formidable opponents in all of the DC Universe.

She started out part of a separatist movement from the banished penal colony of Atlantis called Xebel, but soon she fell in love with Arthur and became a traitor to her own people. She's also mastered magic and can seriously do damage with her ability to manipulate water. Seriously, go watch Thrones of Atlantis to understand her powers.

2. Batwoman

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Kate Kane is one of the few people in the DC Universe who rivals Batman's intelligence, preparation and money. She's also one of the only LGTB characters and it's important to represent all aspects of life to make the DCEU as similar to our world as possible.

She also has a snark that would add levity to the movies, which is much needed after such somber affairs as Batman v Superman and Man of Steel. If the comics can put Batman in any titles, then I don't see why they can't do the same thing with .

3. Black Canary

Forget everything about Canary in the because we have yet to see a version that truly captures her potential. She's an expert martial artist, with Batman being the only one who could give her a run for her money. She and Oliver might be defined by their relationship with one another, but trust me, Canary can hold her against anyone in the DC Universe. Plus, her Canary Cry is one of the coolest powers in DC Comics. She can take down building by just yelling at them — pretty awesome!

4. Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern)

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Jessica Cruz may be one of the newest characters in the DC Universe, but she's becoming one of the bravest characters in all of comics. Her origin story is vastly different from the ones we're used to. Jessica suffered from agoraphobia, which is basically a fear of the real world, being too scared to leave your house. However, she was chosen by a Green Lantern ring, forcing her to conquer her fears.

After Atrocitus invaded Earth in the beginning of Green Lanterns, she had to get over her fear and save not only her sister, but the world. She's a nuanced character in today's age of and she'd also be a great role model for Latinos everywhere. Let's hope we see her one day in the Green Lantern Corps. movie.

5. Raven

Rachel Roth has one of the most interesting backstories in all of comics. Her father, Trigon, is a demon hellbent on conquering every world in existence. Because of that, she's extremely powerful and the DCEU could give us a character that is so awesomely weird and heroic that the masses can't help but to fall in love with her. She hides a lot of pain, but once she's around people she trusts, she lets her guard down and we can see what a beautiful person she truly is.

6. Starfire

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

was banished from her planet by probably one of the most terrible sisters of all time. She's also one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe and often times she's hilarious because of her lack of understanding of our culture here on Earth. If the DCEU decides to do Teen Titans, then it'll be a treat for all to see her wield her powers against the biggest, baddest DC has to offer.

7. Catwoman

Selina Kyle can be considered an antihero most of the time because she lives by a certain code and has an enormous heart. Plus, she and Bats have one of the best love stories in all of DC Comics. Or, they could go the opposite direction and display why she's one of the greatest thieves in all of comics. Either way, needs to be in the DCEU because you never know what she'll do next — and that's just exciting!

Final Thoughts

As long as Wonder Woman delivers at the box office, then expect to see all your favorite female characters from DC to start having more prominent roles in the upcoming film slate for the DCEU. There are a ton more awesome female characters from and I'd love to hear who you'd like to see make an appearance down in the comments section.

We only have two more weeks until we can see Diana and all the Amazons tear it up on the big screen!

Who are you favorite female character in DC Comics?

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