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Season 7 has been doing a remarkable job tying up storylines from previous seasons. As of now, we're finally at the point where the Night King's story is about to be what anyone is talking about.

Now, there are theories that Bran is the Night King, when he warged back into the future and accidentally got lost during the process of making the Night King on the one Weirwood. He'll try to stop it, but fails miserably. It could be true. But just think about this for a minute:

What If Bran Can Warg Into Wights?

R.I.P Hordor (HBO)
R.I.P Hordor (HBO)

What if warging is the secret power that allows the Night King to control so many. If you read the books, then you know it's extremely prevalent that all the Starks are big time wargers. Warging is when you take over an animal's conscience. Basically, you become the animal. Plus, we know that Bran is strong enough to take over Hordor. Which was previously thought impossible.

So far, during Season 7, Bran's whole storyline is about the fact that he's not ready for the Long Night. One completely understands if Bran's job is to find out useful information to help defeat the White Walkers. But that's kind of Samwell and Gilly's job, right? So think about it, what exactly is Bran training for, using the Weirwood at Winterfell? By the way, I don't think this will kill the Night King, no, that's Jon and Dany's job.

This is a pretty simple question to ask yourself: Do you think Bran and the Night King are both powerful enough wargers to take over people? It's fascinating to think about. This is also brings up a ton of questions about the Night King being a Stark. But, we'll save those for another day. All I ask is that you think about the possibility of Bran warging into the dead.

Do you think this is possible?

How will the Night King be defeated?

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