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What a glorious time to start drinking mead and feasting so that the Nine Realms can feel Midgard's growing excitement over Marvel Studios' this November! And if you're not into all that Viking behavior, well, then it's a perfect time to crack open some old Thor comics; specifically God of Thunder, by Aaron and Ribic, due to Taika Waittiti's (Director of Thor: Ragnarok) comments about how Hela was actually inspired by Gorr the God of Hypocrisy, I mean, Gorr the God Butcher!

But as one follows three different versions of the God of Thunder, throughout three different time periods during his life, one can finally see what exactly makes Thor so mighty. It's the fact that he actually cares about people, even though their lifetimes are no more than a mere second compared to his immortality that makes Thor so compelling, mixed with one of the greatest writers in comics in Jason Aaron, and one of the greatest artists in Esad Ribic.

And so, like all great comic fans one started to compare Thor to his closest DC counterpart: Wonder Woman. One could argue Superman, but Diana's status as a literal God seals the deal. Now, Wonder Woman and Thor are two of the greatest heroes in all of fiction, and they both have had so many amazing stories written about their adventures that it is almost impossible to decide which one is better. But that doesn't mean we can't ask one important question to help us decide:

(Minor Spoilers Ahead For Thor: God Of Thunder #12)

Would Wonder Woman Visit A Stranger On Death Row To Deliver Their Last Meal?

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Both, Thor and Wonder Woman, have been killing it in their respective comic book titles for the past half decade. But as Diana became the God of War during the last few years, Thor's journey was the opposite approach. He is now unworthy. And well, he followed a Nazi for some odd reason, which would be completely out of character if Odinson weren't going through such a rough patch in his life.

Y'see, Thor's greatest joy in life were answering prayers of those who needed him the most. That is what lead him to give a complete stranger one of the rarest fruits in all of the galaxy. It is also what lead him to saving all the Gods in existence, by answering a young girl's prayers for rain. If he would've failed, then belief in something greater than ourselves could've died that wretched day when Gorr wanted to destroy all Gods with a Time-God Bomb!

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

So, does Wonder Woman answers prayers? Does anyone even pray to her? This doesn't make her any less of a hero, but when compared to Thor it really makes one wonder, right? Wonder Woman is one of the most inspirational heroes of all time, but does that really matter when you're starving and dying of dehydration? I'm not sure if Diana can even hear me, therefore saving me. But I know Thor can! Lastly, one more friendly reminder that Thor: Ragnarok is coming to theaters in less than a month! Yay!

Who do you think is the better hero: Thor or Wonder Woman?

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